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These Apps Are Draining Your Phone Battery

apps are draining battery
These Apps Are Draining Your Phone Battery

These Apps Are Draining Your Phone Battery

What effects do installed apps have on your phone’s battery? Many users complain of pre-installed software affecting battery life. A well-known security enterprise, AVG, has compiled an interesting list of the worst apps for battery life. This research is based on anonymized data from millions of users worldwide.

According to the research, for apps that launch on startup and keep running in the background, Samsung’s Beaming Service and Knox (Security Policy Updates) are the two biggest battery drainers. They are followed by Facebook and Waze.

Here are the top ten battery guzzlers (according to AVG):

  1. Beaming Service for Samsung, Mobeam Inc.
  2. Security Policy Updates, Samsung Software Update
  3. Facebook
  4. Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic
  5. Vault-Hide SMS Pics & Videos, NQ mobile Security (NYSE, NQ)
  6. Path (Path Inc – Pinterest)
  7. Candy Camera – Selfie Selfies, JP Borthers Inc.
  8. MagicApp Free Calls, magiclack VocalTec Ltd
  9. Al-Moazin Lite (Prayer Times, Parfield)
  10. WhatsApp Messenger (Whatsapp Inc).

Games continue to dominate the situation, and the top three battery draining gaming apps are King’s Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Saga, and Pet Rescue Saga. Supercell’s Clash of Clans comes in fourth, while King’s farm Heroes Saga follows in fifth place.

AVG recommends that users go to App Settings and disable notifications for apps that don’t require these notifications. For other apps, like Facebook, there’s also the option to turn off Facebook chat and use the Messenger app, as well as lengthening the refresh interval for automatic downloads. Another option is switching off GPS location services.


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