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Microsoft Surface vs. Macbook: A Hat For Your Cat

Microsoft Surface vs. Macbook: A Hat For Your Cat
Microsoft Surface vs. Macbook: A Hat For Your Cat

Ann P. brought this to our attention by leaving a comment on our website. We wanted to repost it here to see what other people have to say about this!

Microsoft Surface vs. Macbook: A Hat For Your Cat


As the new musical ad declares, Macs are as useful as a hat for your cat, a chapeau pour chat, or un sombrero para un gato. But is this true? Both have keyboards and SSDs for storage, both have a touch screen…. Oops!

Wait-wait- wait, MacBooks don’t have touch screens? Really? Oh, boy, we’re well into the second decade of the 21st century, for crying out loud!

Yes, it’s sad but true. MacBooks are only rumored to get touch screens in the future.

How about a stylus? No chance. You can write and draw with a stylus only if you’re a proud owner of a Surface Pro 4. Just remove the keyboard if you choose to use the Surface Pro 4 as a tablet, and when you’re ready just put it back! It has magnets, making it very simple to remove and reattach.

If you think, Microsoft is overdoing it, Apple also offers the attachable keyboard for the iPad Pro. It’s tiny, like everything Apple makes. I guess it’s because they live in a fairy world. However, the Surface Pro 4 keyboard is solid with a large track pad.

The Windows Surface Pro 4 sports a faster Intel Skylake CPU as well. It’s 50% faster than a MacBooks. Apple’s Intel Core i7 compared to the Microsoft’s Intel Core i5, is like a mobile chip compared to a desktop level chip. With a Surface Pro 4, you’ve got a portable PC, compact enough to fit into a bag, with or without the keyboard.

The Windows Surface Pro 4 has a feline quality to it, if I can elaborate on the cats’ theme. Cats, as you may well know, can squeeze into the tiniest cracks. Behind your back in that chair you sit on, for example.

Last but not least, Windows OS. First of all, Cortana moved in from mobiles, while Apple is still lagging behind with Siri. The options for software is literally limitless, and most of it has shareware versions. Plus, cloud Office and OneDrive cloud storage are great for office staff. Really, who needs laptops?

What’s more, you can install heavy graphics editors onto this tablet. I mean, really heavy, like AutoCAD from Autodesk. You can also use a stylus to work with drawings! Just imagine, you’re drawing a substructure plan in a comfy armchair! The display doesn’t stand at 90 degrees, but lies down like a sheet of paper. You won’t need to twist your neck any more.

What I never understood with MacBooks and their little screens, how one can type with them on their lap? The bitter truth of our time is that a laptop is not meant for laps in the long run.

You’ve noticed, of course, I’ve compared the Windows Surface Pro 4 with mostly MacBook. It’s a bit out of league for a tablet, even a hybrid one. The Surface has set up a new standard, in a league of its own, so to say.

Tablets ceased being just entertainment gadgets, because they’re easy to hold, and are making a business assistant in a tablet form-factor only a matter of time. Microsoft has beaten Apple in this category.

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  1. Elena

    February 25, 2017 at 02:51

    Yesterday, my MacBook Air went down. Its display went black and nothing I tried helped. When I tried to put it on, it purred, tried to go green or yellow and then the display was pitch black as a solitary starless Cosmos.
    Happily enough, the warranty is still on, so I called the Apple Store. The first time, a robot told me (very politely, I acknowledge) that “no advisor was available at the moment” and he (the robot, I mean) hang up at once not giving me any choice to try to engage him in further dialog.

    Finally, I got an Apple expert online. After half an hour of our common battle against my MacBook, we managed to silence the device. Now it decided not to answer at all at any pushing of the start button. The advisor told me to hold online while he was going to search for a closest place for me to leave there the comp for a treatment it needed. Then I heard the busy sounds, hang up and he never called back.

    Well, it was easy to find a Genius bar in Apple Store. And here comes the most interesting thing… All this happened yesterday, on Thursday, 23 Februray, 2017. And they told me that the closest day to bring my MacBook to their repair shop was Wednesday, March 1st, one week later! One week without a computer on warranty, an engine that cost me $1500 plus taxes. A computer I need badly for my work and pleasure.

    Of course, I inquired about a possibility to be given something as a replacement, an old model, or an old iPad and so on. And I have to wait for a week at least (I don’t even know how long would it take to get my computer back in good state). No, they don’t give you a replacement, no matter warranty or not.

    A good thing is that a second-hand computer store is located just in front of my building. It took me 5 minutes to get there and buy an old, used Macbook, very heavy, with a battery which wouldn’t work, but which cost me 350 dollars and which I could use in situations like this or working in a library and so on.

    But what about the possibility to use an old comp when a new one is waiting for being repaired? That’s the big question…

  2. Lana

    February 25, 2017 at 03:04

    Dear Elena, we regret that you’ve found yourself in a situation like this, but we have heard from a good and reliable source (a friend who works in Cupertino, California) that Apple is going to introduce this service this summer, may be in May. They are now in the process of developing the procedure, calculating expenses, and so on. It seems it will look like this: if your Apple product fails, you get a replacement for the time of the reparation. A deposit may be needed or a small fee (just to avoid cases of abuse from unscrupulous owners). Anyway, don’t forget that when you decide to change your Macbook for a new one, you can always use our Website to recycle your old Mac for the best price online. Good luck!

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