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iGotOffer as a Second Hand Electronics Buyer

iGotOffer as a Second Hand Electronics Buyer
iGotOffer as a Second Hand Electronics Buyer

iGotOffer Solved a Massive Pain Point of People

It is agonizing to see your favorite electronic gadget break, but everything has a particular life. It is only a matter of time when a new, better version of your iPhone or iPad gets launched in the market urging you for an upgrade. The result: while we enjoy the touch, feel, and functionality of the new phone, the old one is set to rot in the dark corner of a basement cupboard. iGotOffer had different plans for these old gadgets.

iGotOffer was launched back in 2010 beginning operations a year later. The company had realized that a good majority of people wanted to get rid of their old Apple gadgets, but they never quite found a good way to do it. Selling these products in the retail market was no less than a hassle. iGotOffer puts an end to this concern by offering people the ease to sell their used Apple gadget. The founder knew that it’s a profitable venture but not to the extent the business has expanded.

iGotOffer is a recipient of several achievements including mentions in well-known magazines like BuzzFeed, Business Insider, and Forbes. The company even ranked among the top 400 in an Inc. 5000 list of Top 500 companies. In addition to solving a pain point of people, iGotOffer also offered an augmented benefit to make things further convenient for the customers. It bears the shipping costs to and from the user. This means that even if you are not willing to take the bid made for your gadget, iGotOffer will bear the cost of shipping your product back to your place.

igotoffer second hand electronics buyer inc 5000 - iGotOffer as a Second Hand Electronics Buyer

The company even ranked among the top 400 in an Inc. 5000 list of Top 500 companies.

The company began to grow exponentially from the year of its existence. In fact, its growth rate from 2017 to 2018 was a staggering 1344%, a feat that brought this company further into the limelight. As it grew, it expanded its services accordingly. In 2019, iGotOffer has purchased other products as well from vendors like Samsung and Google.

The methodology of this business is simple. Customers visit their website online, fill out the required details and claim the condition of their gadget. Then they ship it to iGotOffer where the shipping cost is paid by the company itself. Once the gadget is inspected, and the condition is the customer claimed it to be, payments are processed within a day. In a case otherwise, the device is sent back to the customer, for which the shipping cost is again paid by the company.

Owing to the brilliant market performance of this company, it has even received a mind-boggling 9.7/10 rating by ResellerRatings, and is also accredited by BBB. iGotOffer initially employed a team of 10 enthusiastic people. The team has expanded to 23 full-time employees in addition to 10 more individuals who are working with the company on a part-time basis. The venture is headquartered in New Jersey, and continued to grow annually. Unfortunately, by the end of 2019, the company has entered in a difficult period of its existence, but we promise that we will be back on the market by September 2020 or even earlier.

Want to learn more about iGotOffer, or have an old gadget that you want to be paid for? Go visit the website iGotoffer.com.


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