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Internet of Things (IoT) Novel concepts

Internet of Things (known as IoT) appeared novel concepts
Internet of Things (IoT) Novel concepts

Internet of Things (Known as IoT) – Novel Concepts

With the Internet, many novel concepts also appeared. One such construct is the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT, refers to the connections between physical elements which collect and exchange data. Such elements can be a building or a vehicle, as long as it is connected to a network. The term was coined in 1999, by Kevin Ashton. Experts predict that the IoT will consist of billions and billions of objects by 2020 (estimates vary from 24 billions to over 50 billions).

The IoT is used as an umbrella term for everything that involves interconnectivity on the Web and is also the next stage in the information revolution. The technologies involved are used proficiently in several aspects of day-to-day life, as well as various applications. Research and development are underway in the field. Indeed, it is a quite fascinating area to study; however, more research is needed on the subject. Soon, more appliances and household items will be connected to the Internet and often with the possibility to be remotely controlled.

Thus, the IoT promotes the automation and interconnectedness of many items, including household items. The use of IoT is almost ubiquitous and results in faster communication and enhanced performance. The collection and exchange of information at an increasingly fast pace, leads to better function in the medical field, in animal husbandry, in everyday tasks, and in search and rescue missions.

The IoT has three components: hardware, middleware and presentation. The hardware part consists of sensors, embedded communication hardware, and actuators. The middleware corresponds to on demand storage and tools for computation and data analytics, while the presentation encompasses user-friendly visualization and interpretation, easy to understand and accessible, designed for a wide range of different platforms and applications.

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