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iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test Video: Will It Bend?

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Review, Prices and Specs
iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test Video: Will It Bend?

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test Video: Will It Bend?

Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy conducted a proper bend test on iPhone 6 Plus reacting to reports of the iPhone 6 Plus suffering from a bendable body. Actually, many users complain that while in tight places (in your pocket, for instance) iPhone 6 Plus completely bends out of shape and loses all its functionalities.

Anyone can see on Unbox Therapy video how their expert puts the iPhone 6 Plus through a forced bend session. Mr Hilsenteger conducts the test by hand. He also points out that a bit of bending had happened to the same device prior to the force test. He shows the viewers a slight indent near the volume buttons of the phone. According to the expert that indent may be his smartphone`s weakest point.

No doubt, doing the bend test on an iPhone6 Plus will leave it completely bend out of shape (indeed, this primary objective of this scientific experience!). However the phone is still functional afterwards, even after the efforts to bend it. Not surprisingly, the screen cracked a bit while the expert was attempting to bend the body back to normal after shooting the video.

Here comes our conclusion: Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is not meant to be bent. But it will work after this extreme torture. And the device can bend by being inside of your pocket with no effect at all.

Bending issues are not limited to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, but the iPhone 6 supports the test better. Aside from a small dent, the latter remains intact.

Anyway, it seems that Apple is not willing to replace the bent 6 Plus models free of charge.

Check out the iPhone 6 Plus bend test video and see for yourself if the Apple iPhone 6 plus bends under pressure?

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