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iPhone 6s / 6s Plus Production Planned for 2015

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iPhone 6s / 6s Plus Production Planned for 2015

iPhone 6s / 6s Plus Production Planned for 2015

Apple will produce a record number of iPhone 6s – 6s Plus in 2015, its latest device. Indeed, for the end of the year, Apple may have 90 million units built, according to the Wall Street Journal. That’s even higher than 2014’s iPhone 6 – 6 Plus production figures, when Apple ordered between 70 and 80 million phones in the new larger 4.7- and 5.5-inch sizes from their suppliers. In April 2015, Tim Cook said that the company was seeing a record number of users switching from Android and other well-known brands. Apple is now considering the addition of a third manufacturing supplier to join Pegatron and Foxconn for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus production in hopes of reducing wait times for consumers.

Apple reported a fiscal second-quarter profit of $13.6 billion on earnings of $2.33 per share for the sale of all its products and services. Revenue for the same period was $58 billion. (In fact, the profits exceeded expectations. Wall Street analysts expected $2.16 per share on revenues of $56.06 billion). According to a professional analyst from Fortune, there were 61.17 million iPhones sold in this period, up from 43.7 million from the same period in 2014. The number of devices sold also exceeded expectations, as experts were expecting 55.7 million this quarter. As for iPads, there were 12.62 million sold (down from 16.3 million), and there were 4.56 million MACs sold, up from 4.14 million (slightly less than the expected 4.2 million). As for iTunes and Apple Pay, the revenues totaled $4.99 billion, up from $4.57 billion from the same period 12 months ago. Apple’s gross margin was 40.8 percent, while Wall Street was expecting 39.7 percent. International sales accounted for 69 percent of the revenue.

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