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Will Apple iOS Sales Surpass Those of Windows Computers?

Will Apple iOS sales surpass those of Windows computers?
Will Apple iOS Sales Surpass Those of Windows Computers?

Will Apple iOS Sales Surpass Those of Windows Computers?

It seems that Apple iOS sales will surpass those of Windows computers in the near future, as the growth of iPhones, iPads and iPods has become a challenging and dangerous reality for the PC market. Well nobody says that traditional desktop and laptop computers are going away. They are still popular. Besides, plenty of services and apps are best suited for a PC. However a sizable subset of tasks can be performed on more portable devices and mobile platforms. For example, mobile version of Photoshop or other photo editing apps can be easily operated with apps for iOS and Android. Even Microsoft creates dozens of apps for them.

Perhaps in the near future Microsoft will give Apple a run for its money, introducing more smartphones, tablets and computers. Most people still have a “big computer” and the tablet as a portable device. Besides Microsoft has updated Outlook to cut down on the number of steps required when editing and collaborating on documents on iOS. These updates update makes it much more easier to open Office docs on the fly and edit them.

But as the tablets’ era is hitting the maturity, the PCs sales are starting to wain. Will we see Apple’s Kingdom, this electronic giant, to take over the world with its Apple iOS sales. Will it dominate our universe for long time to come? Well, the winter is coming and Bill Gates’ dragon is still alive there preparing a few surprises for everyone to see…

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