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How to Be Confident while Talking over a iPhone

How To Be Confident In Yourself While Talking Over a iPhone
How to Be Confident while Talking over a iPhone

How to Be Confident in Yourself while Talking over a iPhone

There is nothing more compelling than confidence. Confidence and self-belief can get you anywhere, because it`s much easier when you feel good about your talents, your abilities, about yourself. What convinces is conviction and you have to believe in you. If you don’t, you’re as good as nothing. Your vis-à-vis will sense that something isn’t there, on the other side of the phone.

There is no substitute for genuine self-belief. But getting into confidence and self-belief is a daily process, because it is a myth that most people are always confident. Confidence is not something you are born without or with. Generally, people feel self-assured in some situations and not in others (for example, if you are confident arranging a job interview over the iPhone, you may be very nervous when asking someone on a date). Thus the essential step in achieving a success in your life is developing confidence and self-belief, and you can develop and nurture it through the right mind-set!

It is not a simple task, as you develop self-belief and confidence by identifying your qualities, your values, your targets and so on.

While talking over a phone, you can practice the following exercises which will help you:

1.Take a iPhone, don’t turn it on! Close your eyes and imagine that you are a nicest and happiest person in the world. Your family is perfect, your health is excellent, your career is going very well. You are truly successful and happy. And you are quite confident in yourself.

2.Think about what people would say that will make you happy and just imagine that they are saying it, forget that your device is silent and disconnected.

3.Explain to your invisible vis-à-vis why you are happy (from wealth, from your relationship with your family and fellow employees, from fame, etc.). Tell him about everything you have achieved. Do it in a secure, impressive and self-confident voice.

4.Ask your opponent to contradict you and listen very carefully to what he is saying, even though you are talking to a “meant”. But this will help you understand where you are and what you want to attain.

Do this exercise twice a day, for about 10 minutes each time. It is not as simple as that. But this practice will show you what is important. It will shape your behavior and help you  understand where you are going and realize what obstacles you’ll have to overcome to attain your goals.

NB – Well, you might decide not to sell your old iPhone after all, and just use it for this exercise, which you can do everywhere at any moment, but remember, the device must be real even if your imaginary friend is not!

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves (Thomas A. Edison).

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How To Be Confident In Yourself While Talking Over a iPhone

How To Be Confident In Yourself While Talking Over a iPhone

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