Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft Holographic Reality

Microsoft Holographic Reality
Microsoft Holographic Reality

Microsoft Holographic Reality

Holographic Reality: The software giant’s push into holographic reality computing tied into Microsoft Windows 10 spurs the imagination. Indeed, Windows 10 will have all the pieces needed for Microsoft’s HoloLens, a great holographic ambition. In Microsoft’s view everything from Minecraft to Skype could be holographic friendly, and a lot of areas are clearly business focused, as many of the features apply to the enterprise and business can use HoloLens widely.

In theory, the use of HoloLens shouldn’t require any extra skills, just a vision of how users will assimilate that “gaze, gesture, and voice” capabilities that the new hardware brings to Windows Universal apps.

So what can we do with this holographic happy Microsoft? For starters, since HoloLens are hooked into Windows 10, we can easily take advantage of the holographic efforts:

Collaboration in the work place: Virtual reality simulations, effects, possibilities to mark up drawings and reference designs could be powerful. Everything could be revamped.

Augmented reality: HoloLens looks like a virtual reality headset, but it can input data and function like a computer. In fact HoloLens tops the performance of the augmented reality glasses.

Productivity improvements: HoloLens provides new ways to approach collaboration, training and presence.

Customer experiences: HoloLens is an engagement tool. Enterprises can use Microsoft’s technology to inform and engage in various activities by plugging marketing data into the enterprise environment.

Specific use cases: Holographic computing affects various industries and many efforts are going in that direction. For instance, travel industry can use HoloLens as an entertainement device, retail could use holographic computing as a virtual dressing room, home improvement chains could help renovation projects, and so on.

Briefly, Microsoft’s holographic efforts could be a boon to every almost enterprise which would be eager to adopt itself to the new next-generation holographic reality which allows you to move confidently in the virtual world, to work and play comfortably.

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Microsoft Holographic Reality

Microsoft’s Holographic Reality

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Microsoft HoloLens

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