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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Launches Surface Complete for Education

Microsoft Launches Surface Complete for Education
Microsoft Launches Surface Complete for Education

Microsoft Launches Surface Complete for Education

On September 30, 2016, Microsoft launched an astounding warranty program for educational institutions internationally, encouraging them to buy Windows Surfaces for students and tutors.

The 2-in-1 portable Surface family has caused an increasing interest among students and school staff for their flexibility and user friendliness. Microsoft Office options, plus Web access and tablet portability, are really hit the “sweet spot”.

For students with dyslexia and dysgraphia, Windows Surface can be of great assistance, helping them to take notes during lectures.

However, school administration is often concerned about the damage that can be caused to the devices by students, as children can often be rough with their electronic devices. Drops and spills are a frequent occurrence. Here’s where Microsoft enters with its unprecedented warranty program, covering the damage claims for ALL Surface devices purchased.

As they state in the Microsoft blog, “Surface Complete for Education allows school IT departments to pool accidental damage claims up to 100% of devices purchased, independent of which device user requested a new claim.” So, what does this mean? If, for instance, the school purchases 500 Windows Surfaces, it can file 500 accidental damage claims across ALL the devices, no matter what the damage is. Whether the tablet was dropped, had coffee spilled on it, or pitched by a careless desk mate’s elbow, the device is covered under the warranty. The device replacement is also quick and easy. The warranty isn’t tied to a specific device, and more than the traditional two accidental damage claims, like with Complete for Business, can be made on a Surface device.

The program is available via Microsoft representatives or local resellers. Check the prices for educational institutions in your area.

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Microsoft Surface

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