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Ten iPad Tricks and Tips

10 iPad tricks and tips
Ten iPad Tricks and Tips

Ten iPad Tricks and Tips

Collection of tips showing some features of iPad with iOS 8.

  1. You can switch to other keyboards, for emoji or other languages. To do this, go to Settings > General > Keyboard. To switch keyboards, just tap or hold down the next keyboard button whenever the keyboard appears.
  2. To temporarily show the original, touch and hold the image while editing a photo, so you can compare it with the changes you’re making to the photo.
  3. You can add profile pictures to contacts. To see profile photos of friends when they email or call you, go to Settings, then tap Facebook or Twitter. Then tap Update Contacts.
  4. Keep quiet text notifications about messages. To mute notifications for a conversation, while viewing the thread, tap Details, then tap Do Not Disturb. This feature is handy a busy group discussion and so on.
  5. Safari can remove webpage clutter and make thus articles easier to read. If the page you’re on supports it, tap the reader button to see just the text and photos, without ads or distractions.
  6. In apps that support AirDrop, users can share a photo, video, or document with people nearby. For this, tap the share button, then tap the person you want to share with.
  7. You can show people who are messaging you, where you are. To do this, tap Details, and then tap Share My Location.
  8. You can gather your best shots in one album. For this, tap the favorite button to select pictures you love. They’ll be automatically gathered in the Favorites album.
  9. You can find a film with Siri. That`s, you can ask Siri what’s playing nearby. You can also watch trailers, read reviews, and buy tickets for some theaters.
  10. To save photos from Messages, tap Details, then touch and hold a photo, then tap More. Select the photos, then tap Save Images. Now you can view and edit them in the Photos app.

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10 iPad tricks and tips

10 iPad tricks and tips

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