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How We Do It?

Because we pay the best price online available on the market for your old electronic devices you don't need anymore. Because we have earned very good reputation as we always pay what we promised! Your payoff amount would be exactly what you see on website as long as you choose the right item condition. No faulty promises. Simple, and straightforward.

First, get your free instant quote by finding your device on iGotOffer. Second, you place an order, if you like the quote. We trust our customer and do not require serial number or picture to be sent, just choose the right item. Third, iGotOffer will e-mail you a digital prepaid shipping label. Please pack and ship your device to us. Finally, we issue payment as soon as the item is inspected.

We buy iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs, Macbooks, Macs, Apple Watches, Apple TVs and other Apple products, You also can sell to iGotOffer other smartphones and tablets, as well as game consoles. If you want to sell a used electronic device online for best cash, and the model does not appear on our Home Page, you can contact us and make an offer. We may agree or make a counter-offer.

Yes, we buy even broken electronic products because we buy Macs and iPhones for parts. Please fill in the relevant areas on the form (e.g. "does not power on", "water damage"). If your item’s faults are not covered on the form, please email us at quote@iGotOffer.com, with a description, specs, and photos , and we’ll prepare you a custom quote.

No. We at iGotOffer never buy devices that have been reported lost or stolen. As part of our online trade-in process we record the device’s serial number for each item we receive, so we can provide a trail for items under inquiry.

There is no limit established, but you must provide a separate offer for each electronic device. Besides we evaluate each item separately, so you could get the best price for the devices you want to sell to us. If you have an unusual number of devices to sell, we would still buy them, but we kindly ask you to contact us if you have, say, 10 or more devices to sell at once.

Generally, after you ship your item to our premises, it takes two-five days before we receive it. It then takes us up to 24 hours to get it checked into the inventory and carry out the data wipe. We send you immediately a notification via email after we check the item in. It may take an additional one or two days to test the device out fully to confirm that it matches the description you sent with your original request for a quote. Under extremely rare circumstances, an item may require additional testing. In this case we’ll also send you a notification.

Yes. To sell your electronic device to iGotOffer you'll need an account, but it's established automatically by our system. Besides you can calculate the price of your item without an account which will be created only when you agree with out quote and take the decision to sell us your device.

All the personal information you submit through iGotOffer is absolutely safe. iGotOffer is a professional organization that respects its clients’ privacy and never shares or sells any of your personal information.

No, software is of no value to us as we completely wipe every computer we receive. We don't resell software, as selling software without a valid license is illegal.

If there is an issue with a LCD on your laptop, etc. and it is not included on iGotOffer configuration screen, please email us at support@IGotOffer.com, including a description of your machine along with photos and serial number, and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote.

Yes, absolutely. If you live outside the US, you can sell us your used Mac, IPhone, iPad, and any other electronic item for that matter. However, we should point out that we don’t cover international shipping expenses. So, yes, we’ll certainly purchase your item, but only if you’re willing to cover the shipping costs. After you submit your request for a quote, and it is confirmed, we’ll email you a reference number to include with your shipment. Leave the address field blank when submitting your quote request.

It happens sometimes that we lower our customers’ offers. It may happen because our inspector has found some issue you have never noticed or you have stated a wrong model, and so on. If your offer is lowered after we have checked out the item you want to sell, you can request a reevaluation. In this case our Supervisor will take a closer look for you and see if an inspector missed something. We may thus overturn an inspection result and bring your offer back up. Anyway, you will have a week to decide if you would like to accept or decline our counter-offer. If we do not hear from you after a week passes, we assume you do not object to our counter-offer. If you decline the offer within a week, the device will be sent back to you. It will be shipped free of charge.

No. There is no obligation to setting up a transaction with iGotOffer, and you are under no obligation to sell the evaluated item to us. There are no  penalties, should you decide to cancel the transaction before we made a payment for the used electronic device you sent to us. 

Please tell everyone about our service. We’ll give you a $20 credit for every referral that you send us in case they sell us a Mac or an iPhone.

Before I Ship You My Item

If you want to get best cash in the fastest possible way, you must do the following:

  • Carrier unlock your phone
  • Deactivate Service
  • Remove SIM card or deactivate through your carrier
  • Turn off Find My Phone or any other device tracking
  • Remove password and other security settings

Besides, you may want to the following:

  • Save all of your personal data
  • Backup your documents, photos, files, songs, etc. We will remove all personal data from the device as soon as we receive it.
  • You may want to deactivate iMessage if you’re switching from Apple to another device. Otherwise you won’t receive messages on your new phone.

Yes, we fully restore to their factory settings every iPhone we receive so there are no worries about your data or contacts getting into someone else hands. We would never allow your information to be shared with anyone. Beside let's remind you that you can remove all data and restore your iPhone to its factory setting before you sell used iPhone online to iGotOffer

Yes, you should remove your SIM card. The SIM card stores information that identifies your phone on a cellular network. By removing your SIM card, you protect your private service-subscriber key. You free thus your iphone to be resold.


iCloud must be disabled. If we receive a device with an active iCloud - we will ask you to disconnect, otherwise the device will be sent back to the customer. All other data - like video and photos, and whole hard drive disk we can erase/delete - no problem. The most important is for iCloud to be turned off, and to clean up any device from any information. The rest, we can do it without any problems and free of charge.

We’ll email you a prepaid label for use in the US only. When you receive the label via email, just print it out. Pack up your item in its original box if you still have it, then pack that in another box. Tape on the prepaid label. Now you’re ready to drop it off at any US Postal Service, UPS or Fedex office. We add your email address to updates, so you will receive email notification when the item ships and when we receive it. No need to email us to tell us that it has arrived; we’ll get in touch with you when it is checked in and again after it’s been tested.

Please submit multiple requests through the iGotOffer page so that we have all the info on each individual item.

Yes, we insure every shipment. Filing a claim can be a lengthy process, so please make sure you pack the item well. If the item is packed improperly, Fedex will not honor the claim, and we’ll have to revise our quote based on the condition your item is in when we receive it.

  • Send your device before expiration date listed in the confirmation.
  • Send just the device you are selling. You do not need to send us anything else as accessories (charger, power cord, cables, case, earbuds, etc.) do not impact your offer price. If you do send in accessories the- can not be returned. As a rule these items are discarded and recycled immediately upon their arrival.
  • Do not send us the items or accessories that you did not submit to iGotOffer online.
  • If you want your device to be processed faster, charge it, at least partially.

Your quote is valid for 14 days.

If your Mac arrives "not as described", we'll email you and tell you how it differs from your description. We’ll give you an updated quote based on the actual condition.  We always strive to be fair, and our customers usually agree with our revised quotes. However, if you are not satisfied, we will return the item to you, and we will pay for the return shipping. 

If you’ve described your item accurately, the answer is yes, absolutely! However, if the computer, iPhone or any other item doesn’t match your original description we may have to email you a revised quote.

It is safe to ship your beloved device to iGotOffer. We have been checked and approved by New York City. You can check our licence on our Web site. So don’t worry! We’ll send your money the moment we’ve received and tested your Mac/iPhone or any other device, for that matter. iGotOffer is a legitimate company. We pay all our customers. Feel free to check out our customers’ testimonials.


Payment is made via Paypal, Quick pay or company check. Paypal is instant, but incurs a small 3% fee. Checks take about a week to be delivered by first class mail. If you’d like us to put all, or part, of your payment as credit as you are sending us another gadget. You can also chose an Amazon gift card.

Yes we do instant payments, such as payment via Paypal. If you want a check overnighted, we can guarantee overnight shipment of the check via Fedex Express overnight delivery, and we’ll deduct $25 from your payment to cover shipping.

It can take anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks depending on shipping time and the payment method you choose. Generally, after you ship your item, it takes 2-5 days before we receive it. It then takes us up to 24 hours to get it checked into the inventory and carry out the data wipe and an additional 1-2 days to test it out fully to confirm that it matches the description you sent with your original request for a quote. At this point, if you’ve chosen Paypal payment, you’ll receive it immediately. If you’ve requested payment by check, it usually takes 3-14 business days for U.S. Postal Service to deliver. We strive for the fastest turnaround to ensure that you’re paid as quickly as possible. If, under extremely rare circumstances, your item requires additional testing, or if any other issue arises, we’ll immediately send you notification via email.

Yes. However, once we inspect the item you sold to iGotOffer, the payment is issued quickly. At the time you ask to change the the payment method, we could have already sent you the amount due the way you indicated in your original offer. Anyway, contact us as soon as possible if you'd like to change the payment method.

Payments are issued per item. We inspect every device before we pay for them. If you sent us more than one item, we prefer to pay quickly for the item we have already inspected than to consolidate payments. Different items require different evaluation process at different speeds. That's why you may receive multiple payments if you sent more than one item in one box.

Sell iPhone to iGotOffer! Don't worry, it's safe with us!