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Volume Buyers

Are you interested in buying in bulk from iGotOffer?

Please fill out the form, and one of our representatives will contact you when it is your turn.

Why should you choose us over other resellers on the Web? You shouldn’t actually, but you must be interested to know our terms and conditions. Because we really got an offer for you. A vast choice of Apple laptops and portables in various conditions. Not only iPhones and MacBooks but also iPods, Apple Watches, and accessories with 100% legal provenance. And thanks to our fair quotes, which are higher than the average ones across the business, we have bulks of them. Please keep in mind that we also buy old devices designed and marketed by other brands (Microsoft, Samsung, and many others).

There’s a list of reasons why we’re the best choice to sell your used and old devices to iGotOffer:

  • You’re thrifty. You don’t easily shell out money for a new gadget but pool your resources scrupulously, and here selling the old devices might bring in a nice wad of cash. And you like good deals, because what’s fair is fair and you’d like to get an adequate quote for your possession.
  • You’re meticulous when it comes down to order in your house. It breaks your heart to see the shelves crammed with the gadgets you don’t need any more. And you hate the thought about how much place they take up anyway.
  • You’re green. And while you’re dying to have a new gadget, the thought of an obsolete one going to the dumps and polluting the nature gives you qualms and spoils the fun. We’re here to appease your conscience.
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