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Sell Apple TV

 Sell Your Apple-TV Online Now

If you are thinking about buying a new device, you can save money by selling your old and used Apple TV online to iGotOffer. And if you want to sell your old Apple TV online, you have come to the right place, as we'll buy it for cash for the top price. Indeed, we pay the best price online available on the market for your used Apple TV you don't need anymore.

Throughout the years, we have earned very good reputation as we always pay what we promised. Your payoff amount would be exactly what we agreed upon. No faulty promises. Simple and straightforward. You will get cash from iGotOffer for your out-of-date TV, as selling it to iGotOffer could not be easier.

To learn more about us and to read what others have to say about us, please head to this page: What's iGotOffer?

Sell my Apple TV Online

Selling Apple TV Online: How It Works

Now, let us tell how it all works at iGotOffer.

Episode one: ‘Quote’. It’s free and it takes no time at all. If you’d like to know how it goes, we posted the rating system on our websites for any user to see. Choose your model and condition. We bet your device will pass the casting, so to say. We take the Apple TV in every condition and don’t mind scratches.

Episode two: ‘Shipping’, featuring our shipping terms. We pay for shipping, to and back. That means, if you don’t agree with our quote, you don’t pay for your Apple TV return. And we insure the package from being lost in transit. You won’t foot the bill either, if your parcel gets lost.

Episode three: ‘Payment’ goes about our terms of payment. Check, Amazon gift card or Paypal – pick your favorite. We tag the shipment for you to know exactly the day your payment arrives.

We’re also social and interactive. You can find us on Facebook, read the comments and share. Remember to visit our iGotOffer Blog and iReflections for some fun. Because we believe, discussing gadgets old and new are a great fun. By the way, Siri voices our menu. Happy surfing!

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