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Terms of Sale Agreement

iGotOffer offers services that allow you to sell certain consumer electronic products. After you complete check out on the iGotOffer website, and we are able to identify your product, iGotOffer then gives you an offer on your item.

You must agree to abide by the following terms in order to use the iGotOffer.

Services and/or the iGotOffer Website

BY SETTING UP AN ACCOUNT, OR BY USING IGOTOFFER'S WEB SITE, YOU INDICATE THAT YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS, WHICH MAY BE AMENDED AT ANY TIME BY POSTING THE AMENDED TERMS ON THE iGotOffer WEBSITE. ANY AMENDED TERMS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEY ARE POSTED. iGotOffer reserves the right to terminate or suspend your use of the iGotOffer Website and/or the iGotOffer Services. If you do not comply with this Agreement or any other iGotOffer policy or procedure, we, in our sole discretion, can determine termination.

1. About The Terms

These terms represent any proposition that you gain when you offer your Products to or through iGotOffer. These terms legislate your utilization of iGotOffer's net posts ("iGotOffer’s Online contents"), the iGotOffer Utilities and any other provisions incorporated. iGotoffer’s  terms of protection revelations  which can be found  in the Privacy Policy and any  other supplemental terms or strategies that go with a particular transaction, offer, or requisition make up an assentation between you and iGotOffer (the "Understanding"). You recognize and understand that this assentation is an electronic agreement and has the same compel and impact as an acquiescence in writing. In this understanding, the term "you" or "your" connotes a single or substance practicing rights under this acquiescence, and the term "iGotOffer," "we" or "us" connotes iGotOffer and its associates and subsidiaries.

2. Requirements

Keep in mind that in order to finish any bargain of your Item to or through iGotOffer and to complete any possible transaction with iGotOffer, you must: (i) Make an account with us (ii) Provide accurate and qualified information about yourself and any products you submit to us: (iii) Obey all terms and states of this Agreement; (iv) Go along all pertinent laws and regulations, incorporating all import and fare laws as portrayed in Segment 15 below; (v). Partake in transactions only for the benefit of yourself and not for the benefit of others; and (vi) Have a legitimate limit to take part in understandings and to pass on titles and investments in any item that you submit to us.

Any request for installments for any electronic item you sell to iGotOffer, should give us qualified information, incorporating a valid message location at which you are ready to appropriate any messages, a valid postal location at which you are ready to receive and send items from, and your first and last name. iGotOffer will not be responsible for any invalid information you provide, and it is your responsibility to verify that you provided qualified and valid data. You are acknowledging that you could possibly get messages from iGotOffer and iGotOffer is not responsible for any messages that were not accepted by you in the event they get blocked or marked as spam. You understand and accept that you are fully responsible for providing correct and accurate information about yourself and your product. We will not be responsible for any invalid installments sent to an incorrect location, and any unclaimed finances may be subject to be collected by administrative powers under pertinent unclaimed subsidizes and escheat laws. You agree that we have no commitment to you if any of your unclaimed subsidizes are turned over to administrative powers.

3. Product Qualification

iGotOffer certifies in its own discretion, which Products are qualified to be purchased through iGotOffer and whatever products that are eligible for sale, iGotOffer will provide a proposition for. iGotOffer may terminate the eligibility of certain items at any point in time and without any prior notice. Such termination does not apply to any items which have already been offered a monetary proposition, which is applicable for fifteen (15) days in accordance with Segment 9 underneath.

4. Conditions Outlined

All items you trade or sell to iGotOffer.com must be original products and in original condition without any unauthorized repairs.

iGotOffer utilizes four fundamental Product Conditions to review products, going from "Flawless" to "Broken”. Conditions can fluctuate considerably between classifications and sorts of items.

iGotOffer's Product Condition terms are broken down into four levels. Flawless: device looks like it has never been utilized, has no defects and is 100% functional. Good: device has visible indications of utilization, standard wear and tear but is still functioning. Fair: device is still functioning, has no hardware issues but may present some moderate physical defects like dents, scuffs and scratches. Broken: device does not turn on, severe physical damage may be present, may have functional defects but does not have any unauthorized repair attempts. The above definitions are broad guidelines. For more detailed condition definitions refer to iGotOffer’s online content award screen. Condition definitions are subject to change at iGotOffer's discretion. If you have any concerns verifying the condition of your item, please feel free to contact our customer service that will gladly assist you.

5. Product Evaluation

All monetary offers will be solely based on iGotOffer’s discretion upon evaluation of your product. iGotOffer will very cautiously confirm the product’s value, taking several variables into consideration. This may include the product’s model, physical and working condition and confirming if valid product descriptions were provided by you.  Once a deal is offered, you have the option of accepting or denying our monetary offer. If you accept our offer, the next steps would be to prepare your device for shipment. In the case you do not accept our offer, this particular transaction will then cease. If after a period of time you decide to then accept our deal, you will then have to open a new transaction. Due to time and other influencing factors the offer may be subject to change from the original transaction, hence why a new one would have to be opened.

6. Acknowledging Condition and All Responsibilities of the Device You Send

Any and all Products you try to sell online or offer to iGotOffer should be in a condition to be able to be “quickly” repaired if needed.  Unless your product is completely in total loss condition, it is then specified as “Broken”.

The products, deals and shipments that occur with iGotOffer should (a) consent to all pertinent laws and mandates, incorporating all import and fare laws as depicted in Segment 14 below, (b) should not infringe on third-party property rights (incorporating copyrights, trademarks, patents, barter insider facts or different exclusive rights), and (c) should not be fake or stolen.

You acknowledge and warrant that any items you send to iGotOffer are unhindered, not under any current liens and not incorporating any third-gathering programming which would complicate or disallow any selling or transferring of ownership. By utilizing iGotOffer and its utilities, you accept and understand if any previous charges are linked with your device, it will be your responsibility to cover those charges, or to repay iGotoffer in that matter. This would also rupture any proposed agreements and warranties. It your obligation to suspend any device you send to iGotOffer prior to selling it to us. iGotOffer is not accountable for any aid charges identified with your item, prior during or after a proposition has been offered. If you acquire such charges prior, during or if you acquire such charges earlier, the same time as or following your utilization of the Aids. It is also your responsibility to make sure there are not any security codes on the device that would prevent anyone from utilizing the device.

7. Sending iGotOffer Your Products

When preparing your products for shipment, make sure to package and include all materials and products that were stated in your online submission, which reflected our monetary proposition to you. This may include but not limit to any additional softwares, connectors, chargers, manuals or accessories. Failure to incorporate any items that were stated in your initial depiction, or sending us an item that does not match the description when the deal was computed may affect the worth of your item and an updated accord on our end to you.

8. Removing Information From Your Products

For products that may have specific software or programs that save documents or any other private information on hard drives, memory chips or the like, you should archive any information you wish to keep from your products and unroot any private data before you send us your item. iGotOffer's standard is to of course, remove any and such information from your products but simultaneously, iGotOffer makes no assurance that it will do so. By sending iGotOffer your Item, you accept and understand that if any information is not archived on your end, and archived on our end after receiving the product, is not our responsibility. If any informative data from your device is altered, iGotoffer will not be responsible. iGotOffer is also not accountable for:  any misfortune endured by you because of any information that is not deleted from the unit and transferred to a third gathering, or (b) any misfortune of information occurring after you submit your products to us.

9. Product Investigation and Award Recalculation

Your products should be received by iGotOffer within 10 days following the initial award offer provided to you by iGotOffer. The check-out process should be finished on the iGotOffer website (under the "Conveyance Period") to avoid any delays. iGotOffer will investigate all products and has the choice to accept or deny any product without restriction.  Any item that does not match the description you provided, or the condition you described in, any product that  no longer accommodates to the initial production line details, or any item harmed or lost in transit may be rejected and sent back.

If iGotOffer rejects any products for any of the proposed reasons, the initial offer automatically lapses and is cancelled. iGotOffer claims the right to retract the initial award and furnish a reexamined accord for the products if: (a) the item or materials are not as depicted, (b) the products arrive past iGotOffer’s  conveyance period, or (c) iGotOffer discovers that the product(s)  are distinctively different  from when your proposition was offered.

10. Revised Offer

IgotOffer evaluates all devices by hand. If iGotOffer disagrees with the condition of the item the customer wants to sell online, the offer may decrease or increase accordingly. In this case iGotOffer will send the customer an adjustment email with the new value of the item. iGotOffer will explain the reasons of any changes. If the customer disagrees with the revised offer, iGotOffer will return the item to the customer. If the customer believes there has been a mistake, the customer can request a re-assessment. The re-assessment will be conducted by a supervisor.

The best way to prevent a price drop is by providing as accurate information about your product as possible. Please ask for our assistance before creating a transaction, if you are not sure about the condition of your device.

11. Recalculated Item Offers Following Investigation

In the case that iGotOffer recalculates the monetary proposition for your product, you have the choice of accepting or denying the new offer.  If you choose to accept the new offer, you will be paid accordingly as you have previously agreed to receive the payment. If you choose to deny the new offer, iGotOffer will ship back your item to the address you originally sent your item from. iGotOffer will give you a period of five (5) days to make a decision to accept or deny, after iGotOffer notifies you of the new offer. iGotOffer will additionally remind you during this period one or more times to accept or deny the offer. If no answer is received after this time period, the new offer will be assumed as accepted and iGotOffer will proceed with sending out a payment. To avoid any situation of mistrust, accepting the first offer or any later offer will be irrevocable and you will not be able to change your decision after accepting any monetary offer.

12. Item Eligibility

IgotOffer, in its sole discretion, reserve the rights to refuse to purchase or cancel the sale of any devices at any time without advanced notice. If iGotOffer decides to refuse a purchase after the device has been delivered to our facility, it will be returned back to customers address. If we refuse to accept an item after it had been delivered to us previously, and subsequently returned, or when a customer requests that his or her device be returned after it had been delivered to us, this item automatically becomes ineligible for a second trade. Therefore, if a customer reships the same item to iGotOffer, he or she will be charged for shipping, packaging and all the processing fees, which are not exceed $100.

13. Releasing Rights to an Item

Whenever you send your products to iGotOffer, it becomes iGotOffers property after being sold. Any previously claimed rights to the product and its contents by the seller become null and void after the transaction has taken place.

If iGotOffer rejects the product or seller rejects a second offer for the products according to Segments 9 and 10 ("Benefit Situations"), the seller’s products will be returned, as stated in Segments 9 and 10.

14. Risk-Of-Misfortune

The seller is responsible for any damage that may accrue to the product while in transit or in iGotOffer possession. 

15. Claims

Notice of Claims:
All claims of any nature, including, but not limited to, those pertaining to non-payment, disputes, loss, damage, absence of components or accessories, and/or any other matters or grievances arising from the initial transaction, must be formally communicated to us within a period of sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the initial transaction.

Limitation of Liability:
In the event such claims are not communicated within the prescribed timeframe, they shall not be considered or eligible for further review. This stipulation is intended to limit our liability strictly to a maximum duration of sixty (60) calendar days subsequent to the date of the initial transaction.

General Provision:
This Notice of Claims and Limitation of Liability policy constitutes an integral part of our Terms of Sale Agreement and must be read and interpreted in conjunction with the remaining terms, conditions, and provisions set forth therein. The interpretation and enforcement of this policy are subject to the overarching agreement, and any disputes arising from this policy shall be resolved in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

16. Shipping

Any non-listed accessories shipped to iGotOffer.com will not be returned. Cases, films, non-original accessories, covers or any other protective type devices that were left accidentally on the electronic will be thrown away. Seller is responsible for checking to make sure all accessories are removed prior to shipping.

The customer is responsible for proper packaging. It is important to cushion the contents of the package properly to prevent any further damage to the item.

Please be sure that you wrap each item separately. Each item in the box needs to be separated from all other items in the package. Make sure to cushion all sides and corners of each individual item.

Any retail boxes are not acceptable box for shipping. If a retail box is used, it must be wrapped with additional protection and placed within an appropriate shipping box.
Any boxes from any other models or brands are prohibited and should NEVER be used. 

Each item MUST be surrounded by at least three inches of bubble wrap from each side and be placed at least three inches away from each wall of the box and filled with additional protection. This prevents product-against-product damage and protects contents from shock and vibration, which can pass from the outside of the box to the contents during shipping.

Please use proper cushioning material, combined with a strong outer container, to protect your shipment fully. Make sure you use enough cushioning material to ensure that the contents do not move when you shake the container.

Any type of padded envelopes is not acceptable for shipping electronic goods. These should not be used for iPad's, iPhone's, iPod's, laptops, cellphones, tablets or any other electronics.
Improper cushioning material includes clothing, blankets, towels, newspaper/newsprint, craft paper and pillows.

Customer will be responsible for item/damage cost if he/she used improper packaging material(s).

All items being sent to iGotOffer using our pre-paid shipping labels are not insured.

As another option, any client (should they choose to do so) when sending in their device(s) can use their own label with insurance on it to ensure full coverage in any unfortunate event or purchase insurance directly with the carrier at the time of dropping off the device

17. Passing of Title

Title to the material item goes to iGotOffer upon iGotOffer's reception of the product. In the case that there is not an agreement to sale price, the title will remain with the Seller.

18. Non-Transferable

Any deal by iGotOffer for your products is non-transferable and not redeemable for any viable attention different than what is offered by iGotOffer.

19. Import and Fare Laws

Seller must consent with all import and fare laws, regulations, governs and requests of the United States, or any different administration firm or power. Item should not be transferred in a roundabout way that does not fit within the sanction of the U.S. or outside administration. Seller bears all obligation regarding all overheads identifying with your agreeability with the depicted laws, regulations, governs and requests, and for acquiring all fundamental sanctions and clearances to pass on your Products to iGotOffer, incorporating without restriction, valuation, order and jobs pertinent with the import of any products. It is important to note that the  U.S. barter endorses controlled by the Workplace of Non-native Stakes Control usually deny the importation into the United States (incorporating U.S. territories), either straight or in a roundabout way, of most merchandise, engineering, or utilities (not counting informative content and educational materials) from, or which started from Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Serbia, or Sudan; from different persons designated by the Secretary of State as having supported in any way, any weapons of mass destruction; named Nonnative Terrorist Conglomerations; designated terrorists and opiates traffickers. You would not be able to give or furnish to iGotOffer for deal, any items that could violate the requirements of Section 15.

20. Accuracy of all Qualified data

iGotOffer tries to guarantee the correctness of all information given in connection to the item that is being sold. However, there may occasionally be typographical blunders, specialized errors, or valuing mistakes made. Because of this, iGotOffer reserves the right at whatever time former to installment, to revise a lapse or update any proposition.

In the instance that the item has presently been sent to iGotOffer, the altered accord will be considered a new transaction. iGotOffer might choose to re-issue the original offer, which you may accept or reject, or choose to void the transaction. Depending on if the electronics were already sent to iGotOffer, iGotOffer will recalculate the monetary proposition as stated in Section 11.

21. Privacy

Throughout interaction with our customers, iGotOffer will come across financial and private information. When you utilize the iGotOffer Net Locales and the iGotOffer Aids, we gather informative content about you. You must agree to provide this information in order to continue business, and you can view our rules and regulations in our Privacy Policy. This policy may be changed from time to time, but will be available for customers to review easily. In the event that you do not want us to gather any information, we suggest that you do not utilize our Network posts or utilities.

22. Electronic Transactions

By agreeing to do business with iGotOffer, you also agree to sendinginformation required for the transaction electronically, including but not limited to agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. By doing business with us, you also agree to receive messages from iGotOffer and must ensure that any email correspondence that is sent to your inbox is not caught or rejected by any message blocking functionalities. It is also important to provide a valid and usable email address when submitting information.  If you choose to stop business with iGotOffer, you are able to recover and analyze this Acquiescence by clicking on the "Lawful" connection on the iGotOffer website.

23. Access

Any charges assessed by your cell phone and data provider accrued during our business transaction are solely your responsibility. This includes any charges for connecting to our website or messaging rates.. Any charges that might be accrued on any iGotOffer Utilities through a versatile or satellite unit, or for information, messages or different satellite access or correspondences utilities are all your responsibility to pay out of pocket.

24. Use of Aids

By utilizing the iGotOffer Online presences, you agree not to (i) enter any of the Aids by any denotes (incorporating, without constraint, by utilization of scripts, network crawlers or comparable routines) different than through the user interface furnished by iGotOffer; and (ii) participate in whatever possible movement that meddles with or disturbs the Aids or display of the iGotOffer Online contents.

25. No Warranties

We furnish the iGotOffer Utilities and all online presences "As Is," without express or implied warranties of any kind. We renounce any inferred warranties of merchantability, exactness, fitness for a specific reason, non-encroachment and the meant states of an acceptable value.

26. Limited Risk

On no occasion will iGotOffer, it’s executives, officers, agents, members, executors or foremen be at risk for any compensatory, accidental, weighty or reformatory harms, misfortune of information, earnings or benefit, misfortune or harm to property, nor will they be held accountable for any harm from third party affiliates with your transaction with iGotOffer. Some states do not permit the rejection or restriction of obligation of noteworthy or coincidental harms, so the above avoidances would not be able to have an association with all users; in such states obligation is restrained; minus all potential limitations degrees allowed by law.

27. Indemnity

You acquiesce to reimburse, safeguard, and keep iGotOffer safe, its guardian, subsidiaries, officers, executives, representatives, operators, delegates, and merchants from and in opposition to, any and all guarantees, liabilities, harms, misfortunes, expenses, overheads, or charges (incorporating sensible lawyer expense) that such gatherings may cause, that come from you (or any individual utilizing your records) violating or breaking any terms under this understanding. We claim all authority to collect the elite barrier,  as well as control any matter generally subject to repayment by you and, in such case, you consent to coordinate with our resistance of such an assert.

28. Stolen or Lost Items

This provision sets forth the terms and conditions for transacting with iGotOffer.com ("the Company"), specifically in regards to the prohibition of the sale, transfer, or disposition of lost or stolen devices.

By conducting a sale to the Company, you hereby represent, warrant, and covenant that you are the rightful legal owner of the device being sold ("the Device"), and further represent, warrant, and covenant that the Device has not, at any time, been reported as lost or stolen. This is a condition precedent to any sale, and a failure to meet this condition constitutes a breach of this agreement.

Please take notice that if the Company receives a Device which has been reported as lost or stolen, we shall proceed to dispose of it immediately upon the confirmation of such report. In such an event, no payment or consideration shall be issued or owed by the Company for said Device. In the event that a payment has been initiated, the Company expressly reserves the right to halt and reverse the transaction without any liability or further obligations to you.

Be advised that the sale, transportation, or storage of stolen property is a criminal offense under the law. The Company implores all its customers to strictly adhere to the principles of lawful and ethical conduct when transacting with us. Non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions may lead to legal repercussions under the applicable law.

29. Entire Agreement/No Waiver

This acquiescence constitutes the whole understanding of the gatherings concerning business with iGotOffer and its affiliates. The subtitles are utilized just as a matter of benefit and are not to be acknowledged as a part of this acquiescence. No waiver by iGotOffer of any rupture or default hereunder, might be considered to be a waiver of any going before, or ensuing break or default.

Segments 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 19, and 28 should survive termination of this acquiescence.

30. Returns

All returns from igotOffer.com must be paid and insured by the customer. iGotOffer does not provide insurance on ANY returns. In some rare cases, iGotOffer may provide a free return shipping label, but it will not be insured and iGotOffer will not be liable for any sort of damage/loss to the returned package.  If the customer wishes to insure the return, after the return request, the customer will have 24 hours to email the prepaid shipping label to cs@iGotOffer.com. Otherwise, iGotOffer will use its own uninsured label.

The following situations are not legible for free returns.

1. Item(s) is/are reported as lost or stolen.

2. Bad IMEI items(s). Items that are still connected to a mobile account and/or still being financed.

3. Activation locked devices. For example, if Find My iPhone is turned on, on a device- the Google activation lock is then active.

4. Significantly not as described items. Here are some examples:

- Seller stated that they would be shipping an iPhone 8 but shipped an iPhone 4 instead.
- Seller stated item was in new condition but shipped an open box.
- Seller stated item was in Flawless condition but shipped Good condition
- Seller stated that accessories would be included but never included them.
- Fake/clone devices.

5. Customer decided to send item(s) back, due to no faults on iGotOffer’s end, but on behalf of a personal error or preference.

If customer fails to pay the invoice or provide return shipping label within 3 days from the date of notification iGotOffer will take the following actions.

- Recycle the device(s). This applies to stolen devices, bad IMEI devices, activation locked devices, and devices valued at $0.
- Process lower payment (if offered).
- Charge a fee.

The fee will include inbound shipping, labor and packaging, and outbound shipping. The fee may not exceed $150 per single item.
All items being returned will be repacked and shipped in our own boxes (original packaging sent in will be discarded).

In case of return, all devices leave our facility within 15 days. 


31. Correction of Slips and Errors

The iGotOffer Online presence and any correspondence identified with a transaction, may hold typographical failures or different lapses or errors and would not be able to be finished, or current. iGotOffer maintains whatever authority is needed to rectify any blunders, errors or oversights and to update or upgrade the substance at whatever time. iGotOffer apologizes, but does not promise to change any slips, errors, or oversights that might occur.

32. Modification

iGotOffer maintains whatever authority is needed to alter this agreement at any time. If at any time, you do not to comply to the changes made, you are able to end utilizing the iGotOffer homepages and utilities. Your continued use of any iGotOffer homepage or Aids following any such update automatically assumes your agreement. Every time you submit an item for bargain to iGotOffer, you reaffirm your consent to this agreement. You are responsible to review this agreement every time you utilize the iGotOffer Online contents or the iGotOffer Webpage. The agreement will be available for viewing at https://igotoffer.com/terms-of-sale. The date of the last changes made will also be available to be seen below the link. Terms and conditions that have been changed will be placed in effect immediately.

33. Clearance

Orders with the amount of $2000.00 and up can be randomly placed on hold for up 14 days for security clearance. If accepted, payment will be processed the same days as item(s) cleared.

34. Receiving and Processing

34.1 Once your item has been shipped, please allow up to 12 days for it to be received by our facility. Upon receipt, our team will take up to 15 business days to check the item into inventory, perform a data wipe, and verify that it matches the description provided in your original request for a quote.

34.2 For those who have requested payment by check, please note that it typically takes up to 15 business days for delivery via the U.S. Postal Service. We are committed to ensuring the fastest possible turnaround time to expedite your payment. Should your item require additional testing or if any other issues arise, we will promptly notify you via email.

34.3 Important Notice: During periods of high volume, there may be delays in processing and payment. In such cases, the delay for payment may extend up to 45 business days from the time the device enters the inspection process. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these times.

34.4 Please be advised: Once items are accepted and queued for payment, they cannot be requested to be returned under any circumstances.

34.5 Only items listed in the quote must be included in the package. iGotOffer does not take any responsibility or offer any monetary compensation for any extra items included in the package.

35. –°heck Fraud

iGotOffer is actively fighting check fraud and employs multiple security systems. In rare circumstances, our system makes a mistake and blocks legitimate customer checks. It is customer responsibility to notify iGotOffer about a mistake in seven days. iGotOffer will reissue the payment and reimburse the customer any back fees upon providing a proof of bank charges.

36. Applicable Law and Venue

This agreement, and the terms of deal and transfer of title of your products, are administered and construed by Massachusetts law and  the laws of the United States. No clash of laws or procurements within the purview will connect with the proposed terms and conditions. By clicking on the “Agree” button beneath, you agree with all binding terms and agreements from iGotOffer and will be recorded and submitted in the state of Boston, Massachusetts. All issues and questions should be settled in the English dialect.

If you have any issues, concerns, or questions about the above agreement, please don't hesitate to message admin@igotoffer.com.

Last updated: February 4, 2023.

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