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Sell Online Fast and Effortlessly for Cash!

You have decided to sell your old Mac, iMac, iPhone, MacBook, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Microsoft tablets, LG smartphone or any other electronic device, for that matter. You want to sell any or all of those gadgets fast and effortlessly? In this case, iGotOffer is the right place for you, as the whole process is very simple and fast.

Just chose your device from the list below and click on the link. Once on a page about your item, select the model and its specifications, answering a few questions (you can always use help windows if you can’t answer a question). Then click Calculate Price, and you’ll see the quote. If you agree with the price, click Get Paid, chose the way how you would like to ship your item to us and how you would like to be paid. The shipping label will be e-mailed to you. Now send us the item you want to sell. Usually, it takes up to 48 hours for the post company to deliver the parcel.

As soon as the item is delivered, it takes up to 24 hours to inspect it (we’ll let you know in the rare case, when the inspection needs more time). If the condition of your device corresponds to the specifications described, we send you your money the same day, using the way you have chosen. Keep in mind that PayPal and Chase QuickPay transfer the money immediately and if you chose the check, it may take a few days for the USPS to deliver it.

In the rare case when we have to deduct some money from the initial quote (there may be some hidden things you didn’t know about, for example), we’ll explain the details to you. If you disagree with our appreciation, we’ll send the item back to you, and all the expenses are on us. If you agree with the new quote, we send the money immediately.    

So you are in the right place. Your old Mac, iMac, iPhone, MacBook, iPad, iPod, Apple TV or any other electronic device is worth top dollar, and you’ll get the right money very fast and effortlessly and we’ll help you save money.

To sell your used gadget, please proceed (Very fast, let’s say, in 1 minute), you’ll be able to sell your item without headache. Good luck!

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