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Sell cell phoneSell or Trade In my Google Pixel 3 Lite Online

Are You Ready to Sell Your Used Google Pixel 3 Lite?

If your answer is “Yes,” you’ve come to the right place! In a few minutes, after you’ve answered these questions and made a decision, it will be a done deal:

  • Step 1: Select your carrier.
  • Step 2: Choose your phone's capacity.
  • Step 3: Are you including the charger?
  • Step 4: In what condition is your device?: Flawless, Good, Fair or Broken.

Once you’ve specified the details about your smartphone, the rest is gravy. You’ll receive a free quote instantaneously, and you can bet your bottom dollar the price will be competitive. If you approve, you’ll send us your contact info and preferred method of payment, and we’ll email you an order confirmation with a prepaid, fully insured shipping label conveniently attached so you can mail us your phone. When we receive your phone, we’ll make a final offer. If it strikes your fancy, we’ll pay you by PayPal, Chase QuickPay, Amazon gift card, or check—your choice!—and you’ll get your money faster than you can say Jack! If you reject it, we’ll send it back to you for free, no tears, no drama. So ready, get set, go!!

The Google Pixel 3 Lite (a/k/a Sargo) was a phenomenon when it came out, the first Google notchless, all-plastic “budget” model in their lineup which rivaled the iPhone XR. But like all technology, screen displays get larger and upgrades abound, so older models depreciate daily. Why be green with envy when you can get a nice wad of bills for your used device to finance a new one? Maybe you didn’t know there’s a market for obsolete devices, or thought your phone had to be spanking new to be worth anything. You’d be wrong on both counts! We’re eager to get your phone, and you’ll be delighted with the proceeds.

Why is iGotOffer.com THE Place to Sell Your Google Pixel 3 Lite?

Congratulations on making it this far! Do you still have doubts about using iGotOffer.com? Let’s put those doubts to rest. Our company is a registered consumer electronics reseller that’s been part of the online market since 2011, long before other newbie companies. Since then, we’ve earned top customer ratings and have been highly endorsed by the Better Business Bureau and ResellerRatings.com. We attribute this to respecting our customers, providing consistently high levels of customer service, and offering the best prices for used electronics.

You can find tons of predominantly positive customer reviews on our website Testimonials page. You may be surprised to also find a small number of complaints, and you’ll see how we’ve resolved them to our customers’ satisfaction and improved our service. To find out what makes us tick, visit our pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Also, be sure to check out our Blog, Apple Encyclopedia, and Microsoft Encyclopedia on our website, which are filled with hundreds of trendy and informative articles to increase your enjoyment of the tech world. To easily access the above pages and links, read this: What's iGotOffer.

Your only concern is to properly pack your Google Pixel 3 Lite to ensure it will arrive safely to us. Please consult our shipping guidelines: Shipment Guidelines.

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