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Apple MacBook – line of notebook computers manufactured by Apple. Here you will find all information about MacBook: models, specifications and more – everything you have always wanted to ask and learn about.

MacBook 4,1 and MacBook 4,2 – Full Information, Specs

The MacBook 4,1 13-inch, polycarbonate model (Early-2008) and MacBook 4,2 13-inch, aluminum model (Late 2008) offered a modest speed bump over the previous MacBook (Late 2007). The 2008 MacBook was available in three configurations: 2.1 GHz/1 GB RAM/120 GB HD/ComboDrive/White, 2.4 GHz/2 GB RAM/160 GB HD/SuperDrive/White, and 2.4 GHz/2 GB RAM/250 GB HD/SuperDrive/Black. In October 2008, the middle- and high-end models were replaced by the new Unibody models. The low-end model was price-reduced to $999, and replaced in January 2009 by the MacBook (Early 2009). (more…)