Apple Humor

Funny pictures, images, videos and stories about Apple and its products.

Useless Software for Mac and PC

Here you’ll find some very useless software. Most of these apps are available for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other devices, including PCs. Some of these apps are more useless than others, but let’s admit that the usefulness of these apps is rather relative to the one using it, as most of them have been created to be nothing more than fun. So maybe these apps aren’t so useless after all!! (more…)

Hilarious Apple Jokes

Hundreds of jokes about Apple products can be found when you browse the net. Some of the Apple jokes we find hilarious, even though we are Apple fans. We love a little humor, so we have compiled a list of some of these jokes for you, and we hope that they will make you laugh out loud. We will add other jokes regularly, so we invite you to drop by from time to time to check them out.. (more…)

Mac Madness

An endemic among the the Mac-using minority is a condition known as Apple Obsession Syndrome (AOS for short). While some AOS symptoms are serious, other symptoms are entertaining, from gratuitous Mac modifications, to ridiculous software. You can grab your iHymn sheet, and join us to pay homage at the high altar of Macdom. (more…)

Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ advertising campaign

“Hello, I’m a Mac and I’m a PC”… With this “Get a Mac” advertising campaign, the debate about whether it is better to use a Mac or a PC has been made a little more entertaining. The ad features actors representing Mac and PC machines. Obviously, Mac was faster, more secure, and more clever. Microsoft was swift to respond with its “I’m a PC” series of ads, in an attempt to rebut the PC’s image, as presented in the Apple ad. (more…)

Funny Things to Ask Siri

You can find a huge list of 100+ Funny Things to Ask Siri here: Funny Things to Ask Siri Video. You’ll see that Siri has a great sense of humor, and there are hundreds of funny things to ask Siri. If you would like to contribute to the list, post your Siri commands below, or add your comment to the comment section on YouTube. (more…)

Apple Humor Page – Just for Fun

This is the Apple humor page, where we can just have fun and relax. These are some of our top picks from all over the web. We’ve compiled some funny Apple stories to pass your time during a long commute, or perhaps in the airport. Some stories are hilarious, some even strange, like the story of the Sosumi ringtone. I personally didn’t believe it, but who knows? It’s so weird, but maybe it could happen IRL. IRL – in real life, which is what we web surfers call the real world, where all kinds of things can happen to us. Some horrible, like forgetting your smartphone at home and having no clue where to go or how to find the way home without GPS. (more…)