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PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Controllers: Quick Pairing Guide

The iOS 13 and iPadOS, announced on June 3 at WWDC 2019, it will allow to connect various peripherals to iPhones and iPads for the first time in the history of Apple. Beta testers already tried a keyboard, a mouse, a card reader and, of course, thumb drives. Gaming controllers seem to be the next choice! Touchscreen is great but gaming controllers from the leading console makers make it bite the dust. (more…)

Apple Serial Number: Why Is It Important

The Apple serial number is not just a string of digits and letters. It reveals a lot of useful information about your device, information you can’t obtain through any other means. The serial number shows the date and location of manufacture. It can be very helpful if you need to find spare parts or you need to track down the factory your device came from. (more…)

Apple Carnegie Library in Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C.’s Carnegie Library – donated by Andrew Carnegie on Mount Vernon Square in 1903 – was no ordinary library; it was a historical landmark. Not only was it the district’s first public library, but it was also Washington D.C.’s first desegregated public building.


iPadOS – A Truly Distinct Experience by Apple

On June 3, 2019, the new operating system designed for the iPad was first previewed by Apple. Configured on the same foundation as iOS, iPadOS is designed with a set of innovative features accommodating for the large display and the potential versatility of the use of the iPad, among such features being mouse support for both USB and Bluetooth devices. (more…)

Apple AirPods 2 – Full Information, Tech Specs

Apple AirPods 2, the 2nd generation AirPods, were announced on March 20, 2019. The first ever update on the previously originally introduced in 2016 AirPods includes the hands-free “Hey Siri” feature without the previous requirement of a tap on the AirPods for the activation, a H1 chip configured with Bluetooth 5.0 support in replacement of the predecessor’s W1 chip, and more connectivity improvements. (more…)

Apple AirPods 1- Full Information, Tech Specs

The Apple AirPods 1 (1st generation), the first wireless earbuds to have been introduced by Apple, were initially released on December 13, 2016. The first generation AirPods are configured with a built-in microphone capable of filtering out any background noise, commences phone calls and interactions with Siri. Externally, the AirPods appear identical to the standard Apple wired EarPods – of course, sans the wire itself – the distinctive difference being a thicker arm noticeable on the AirPods explained by the necessity to fit both the device’s battery and microphone inside it. (more…)

How to Setup Dynamic Wallpapers on your iPhone

The iOS for iPhones now features dynamic wallpapers: while you fidget with the icons, something is moving in the background! Some find it annoying, if not disturbing, but if you like dynamic wallpapers, you’ll be delighted to learn how to make one. You don’t even have to be a super geek to do it. (more…)

Apple’s MacOS Mojave (Available in October 2018)

The macOS Mojave is the fifteenth major release of macOS run by Apple Mac desktop computers. It was unveiled in June, 2018 at WWDC, but became available for the public only in October, 2018. The critical upgrade of the macOS Mojave relates to the graphics framework. Apple ceased supporting OpenGL and OpenCL and switched to Metal API instead. Metal libraries are more efficient when it comes to sharing the workload between a CPU and GPU. Since almost all Mac devices now feature the integrated GPU and support an external GPU, Metal seems to be an obvious choice. Although, it cut off the Macs back from 2011 and earlier. (more…)

iPhone Chargers: How to Spot Fake vs. Original

Fake vs. Original iPhone Charger [Video]

Video uploaded by Gva Electronics on November 20, 2016.

For anyone who has an iPhone I am sure this is a very familiar struggle. Chargers tend to break so often… and you need them for every room, for your job, for your car, for your portable charger… the list continues. Buying enough chargers can seriously break the bank if you go ahead and purchase chargers straight from Apple. (more…)

APFS (Apple File System) Key Features

APFS (Apple File System) is a next-generation file system developed by Apple to meet the needs of today’s users. It was introduced at the Apple developers conference (WWDC) in June 2016, and was presented with iOS 10.3 a year later, on March 27, 2017. (more…)

iOS 11: New Features

The eleventh major release of the Apple iOS is to be released this fall. The first beta version of iOS 11, announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, 2017, became available for developers after the presentation. A public beta release date was set for mid-2017. (more…)

How to Turn On Personal Hotspot on iPhone

The iPhone comes with a set of well-designed apps for everything, from e-mailing to keeping track of all your commitments. You can install third-party software that caters to almost every need imaginable. (more…)

Simple or Complex Passcode for Your iPhone or iPad

Your iPhone’s sleek operating system, iOS, makes the incredible computing power hidden in the device easy to use. However, any system can be vulnerable to external attacks, so Apple introduced a sequence of characters that the user must type each time they unlock the iPhone from the lock screen. This sequence is called a passcode, and it prevents any unauthorized access to the device. To protect their iPhones, users can choose between a simple or complex passcode.


Understanding Privacy When Using Siri

Siri is a voice-controlled personal assistant which provides an intuitive way to get tasks done on your Apple device. You do not have to open an app to activate Siri, as it can be controlled simply by your voice. As you may know, you can use Siri for everything from setting reminders and alarms, to placing phone calls, taking notes, dictating messages and more. (more…)

Apple Pencil

On November 11, 2015, Apple introduced the Apple Pencil. This new tool allows users to work with precision, and makes tasks on the iPad Pro effortless. On the outside, it looks like a disposable plastic pen, however, the Apple Pencil is crammed full of tiny technology. (more…)

Apple’s Clips iOS App

Clips is a new iOS app which allows users to make fun videos on their iPhone and on iPad, and share them with friends and family members. Clips allows users to add text, graphics, visual and sound effects, and more. Adding content with Clips is quick and simple. The user just records it on the spot, and grabs a video clip or photo from her or his library. (more…)

iCloud Photo Library

With iCloud Photo Library, you can keep a lifetime worth of photos and videos stored on iCloud and up to date on your Mac, iOS devices, Apple TV and even your PC. Photo Library also helps keep your growing library organized and accessible. Powerful and intuitive editing tools help you perfect your images, and Memories displays the best images from your photo library in beautiful collections. (more…)