Apple Watch

Apple Watch, a smartwatch designed and manufactured by Apple Inc, you’ll find all information about this device in this section.

watchOS 6 – New Ways to Stay Connected

watchOS 6 was initially previewed by Apple on June 3, 2019. The upgraded software suggests a number of improved opportunities for better health and fitness management, immediate access to the App Store directly from the Apple Watch together with previously unavailable new watch faces. The software will be free to download, and compatible with all the same versions of the device as its watchOS 5 predecessor, that way exclusind the original Apple Watch.


Apple Watch Series 3 Edition 38mm and 42mm – Full Information

The Apple Watch Series 3 Edition is housed in an elegant looking, durable ceramic body and sells more expensive than the standard Apple Watch Series 3. The Apple Watch Series 3 Edition 38mm features 1.5 inches OLED display with a 340×272 pixels resolution. The Apple Watch Series 3 Edition 42mm features 1.65 inches OLED display with a 390×312 pixels resolution. The display is covered with a protective sapphire crystal layer. The Edition model is available in two options only: either a white ceramic case with a “Soft White/Pebble” Sport Band or a gray ceramic case with a Gray/Black Sport Band. (more…)

How to Identify my Apple Watch

There certainly will come a time when you will be thinking about trading in your current Apple Watch for cash. In fact, plenty of people are getting paid for their old electronics as long as they sell the used item to the right business. But before you can save your Apple Watch online and earn money, you should know how to identify your Apple Watch model number, collection and color. (more…)

Apple Watch: Going Further with Health and Exercise Apps

On Apple Watch, the Workout app is great for those workout types it covers. However you might well want Apple Watch to monitor other types of workouts. You can add third party apps to iPhone and Apple Watch, as all sorts of apps abound, from general-purpose timers for interval training, to apps that can guide the user through high-intensity workouts, and more. By using the Featured screen and the Search screen on Apple Watch and iPhone, you’ll find a wide variety of fitness-related and exercise-related apps. Plenty of these apps will help you to perform strength workouts. Other apps help you practice and explore yoga; many apps have been designed for running or cycling. Note that many of the exercise apps have been designed to work on iPhone and Apple Watch in tandem (for example, iPhone GPS and location-tracking features measure your performance and Apple Watch sensors monitor your activity, so that together these gadgets deliver a wealth of information and performance metrics to help you track and improve your performance. But they can be used separately. Here come some of these apps: (more…)

Apple Watch: Review Fitness Data in Health Apps

With Apple Watch, your workout data goes to the Health app on iPhone. The Health Apps integrates the workout data with all the other data it receives from other sources, such as any medical devices you use, as well as any data points you input manually. For example, you can input your declining weight or any other data you consider important. You can also review your fitness data in the Health app to analyze the progress of your fitness regime. (more…)

Apple Watch: Using the Workout App

The Workout app helps you assess and log your workouts. This app enables you to specify the type of workout you are performing. Apple Watch thus translates your movements and heart rate into performance data. People can choose among various workouts, such as Elliptical, Outdoor Run, Stair Stepper. For each workout, you can set a goal (number of calories burned, the distance covered, the time spent). You can also leave the workout open-ended. (more…)

Apple Watch: Activity tracking – what you need to know

The Activity app enables you to see you make a progress toward the Move goal, the Exercise goal and the Stand goal for the day. Apple Watch tracks your activity, that’s your movements, and translates them in calories burned, time spent on exercises, whether the user meets the target of standing for at least one minute in an hour. The Activity app includes charts that show your activity for each hour of the day. (more…)

Turn On Location Services and Motion Calibration on iPhone

On Apple Watch, the motion and distance tracking are impressively accurate. Some users however prefer to calibrate these functions manually to ensure that they give the result the user expects. To calibrate these functions, users use Apple Watch and iPhone together to monitor an outdoor workout in a location with cellular and GPS access. Several workouts can be calibrated and monitored for greater accuracy. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Adjust Your Move Goal

On Apple Watch, the first time you run the Activity app, the feature prompts you to specify how active you are: Highly, Moderately or Lightly. The app assigns a daily Move goal in calories based on the level you choose, ase well as on your height, your weight and your are. You can adjust the Move goal to provide a suitable challenge. You can also adjust the Move goal starting from the Weekly Summary screen the Activity app displays at the end of each week. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Edit Your Health Data

Apple Watch nudges you to greater activity, to assure this, it monitors your weight, height, age and sex. The device needs all these data to get accurate readings for your Motion & Fitness tracking. This information is supplied when the user first runs the Activity app. The user can subsequently change the information as needed by using the Health screen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Configure Privacy Settings

On Apple Watch, some features can monitor your heart rate and track your movements to determine step count and fitness levels of the user. However, the user can turn these features off if he or she is concerned that they may infringe upon privacy. To turn these features off, the user must configure Privacy settings in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. Users can also configure privacy settings for iPhone’s motion and fitness tracking features. Note that these features are separate from the Apple Watch features, but their names are confusingly similar. (more…)

Stay Fit with Apple Watch – Tips and Tricks

The device can track your movements. Apple Watch can measure your heart rate to help you stay healthy and active. You can use the Activity app to monitor your daily activities. The Activity app aims to encourage you to move around more in the hope that this will be good for your health. This app tracks your movements using Apple Watch’s sensors and records your activity using a three-ring graphic. When you exercise at the gym or elsewhere, you can use the Workout app to tell Apple Watch what the exercise is, enabling you to measure your workout more precisely. (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Use Entertainment Apps on Apple Watch

Using Apple Watch and its functionalities, you can keep yourself entertained in various ways. Indeed, many third-party developers create entertainment apps. If you explore them, you’ll find everything from enjoying music to keeping up with your favorite sports, from browsing social networking, to reading e-books. Here come some of these useful apps: (more…)

Apple Watch: How to Browse Photos

It is perfectly possible to browse photos stored on Apple Watch. You can enjoy these photos you have synced to the device. You can zoom out to get an overview of any picture. You can scroll up and down to locate and view the photos you are looking for. Then you can open a photo for viewing full screen. You can even view larger photos, if you choose to zoom in further. You can also quickly move from one photo to another. Here is our text about syncing the photographs: How to Choose Which Photos to Sync to Apple Watch. (more…)

How to Control Apple TV Using Apple Watch

To control Apple TV using Apple Watch, you must at first set up Apple Watch as a remote for Apple TV (See our text: Setting Up Apple Watch as a Remote for Apple TV). Then you can swipe the Apple Watch screen to move the selection highlight on the screen connected to Apple TV, and tap the Apple Watch screen to give the equivalent of the Select button on the physical remote. You can navigate quickly around the menu structure by tapping the Menu button. (more…)

Apple Watch – Take Photos with iPhone’s Camera

With Apple Watch, you can take photos with iPhone’s camera. It’s the Remote Camera app on Apple Watch that enables you to set up iPhone on a stand, like a tripod, and then take photos remotely. You can take the photo instantly or take an 11-photo burst on a 3-second delay. The Remote Camera app allows you take group photos or selfies with iPhone’s high-resolution camera. You can also use for photographing «human-shy» objects, such as wildlife. (more…)

Apple Watch: Setting Up Remote for Apple TV

On Apple Watch, you can remotely control Apple TV directly from your wrist. You can control playback on Apple TV, this set-top box for streaming video and audio. This functionality can be really great for enjoying these features. But before you can control playback on Apple TV, you must set up Apple Watch as a remote for Apple TV. (more…)