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Dotomo Toilet Paper – Wipe, Not Swipe!

Dotomo Toilet Paper – Wipe, Not Swipe!

Dotomo Toilet Paper – Wipe, Not Swipe!

They have toilet paper for smartphones in airport restrooms. When I first ran into this bit of news on BBC, I thought it’s a joke. The one we all liked back then somewhere between the kindergarten and the primary school. Then I had a closer look and I was like, oh, it’s in Japan, it’s ok, then. Because, you know, the Japanese are crazy about two things in the world: their bathrooms and their smartphones. We, poor gaijins, are even lectured about Japanese restrooms when first coming to the country. Like what button to press and what lever to turn. But mostly about how not to get scared on seeing the high-tech contraptions which go for toilet pans and bidets in the land of the Rising Sun.

And now this. A roll of toilet paper, neatly placed next to the human toilet paper. You won’t mix them up: the one for your iPhone or Samsung is narrower and has some text on it. The sponsor of this mischief, the Japanese mobile provider Docomo was hospitable enough to print the info about Wi-Fi spots on it. It’s very comfy: you take care of your portable assistant and get enlightened about where you could log in your Instagram to share the overwhelming experience. Meanwhile, you might twit about how many bacteria one can find on one’s mobile. Not that we all care too much for that, but the Japanese do.

They’re very touchy about the cleanness. The Japanese tourists are said to be deeply shocked by what they see in the streets of Paris for example. They’re so damaged by the experience, that the embassy has launched the psychological service for the victims. No, I’m not kidding here. Some highly motivated volunteers come to Paris specially to help cleaning the streets. They don’t go to Louvre or Versailles, they’re picking up cans, paper wraps and stuff. To see the Paris garbage and die.

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dotomo toilet paper

Dotomo toilet paper

Welcome to Japan

  1. Wipe your smartphone with this paper
  2. Connect nationwide premium Wi-Fi network Service
  3. Install Attractive Travel Guide app with this translation

NTT Docomo firm points to research showing there are more germs on your phone screen than on a toilet seat.
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NTT DOCOMO is Japan’s largest telecommunications company. The company provides innovative, convenient and secure mobile services that enable customers to realize smarter lives. NTT DOCOMO serves over 71 million customers in Japan via advanced wireless networks, including a nationwide LTE network and one of the world’s most progressive LTE-Advanced networks. The scope of DOCOMO’s extensive research and development program is unprecedented among mobile operators. The company operates a major R&D center in Japan and advanced facilities in China, Germany and the USA. It collaborates as well with a wide range of leading-edge technology innovators. As a provider of integrated services centered on mobility, DOCOMO is actively engaged in the development of technologies for next-generation devices, services and networks, as well as revolutionary concepts for all-new convenience, efficiency and creativity in business and daily life.

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