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iGotOffer Review: 5-Star Customer Rating, BBB A+

iGotOffer Review: 5-star customer rating and BBB A+ rated business
iGotOffer Review: 5-Star Customer Rating, BBB A+

iGotOffer Review: 5-Star Customer Rating and BBB A+ Rated Business

iGotOffer.com is an online place which facilitates people to sell their used electronic devices online for cash.

Did you know that you can sell your Apple products online, such as your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac computer? No need to stick them in a corner or throw them away. Be part of the re-use and recycling solution. Help minimize electronic waste, and get cash from iGotOffer!

We have a fair and transparent system of evaluating the devices. It’s based on our in depth industry analysis. We also offer the best possible rates that you can get virtually as well as at local markets. Our goal is to make iGotOffer.com the best place to get paid for old Apple products and other devices.

We offer competitive prices. We also offer as well free shipping from anywhere in United States. Your feedback is very important for us. We would appreciate if you could leave any comments and suggestions.

Selling your Apple devices to iGotOffer couldn’t be any easier. It is also extremely safe and secure. iGotOffer is a registered business. We have a 5-star customer rating and an “A” grade BBB customer service rating.

We buy used iPhones, iPads, MacBooks. The whole process is pretty simple. After you sign up with us, .you then answer a few simple questions about your device. These answers help us estimate the value of your item. Once you fill out the form, you are able to print off the prepaid shipping label that will already have the address on where to ship your item. When your item arrives, we review it in our in-house labs. After the process is complete we notify you of the results and move on to the next stage. You get to choose your preferred method of payment. You can choose between a check, amazon gift card or even receiving money via the famous Paypal. Once you choose your preferred method of payment it can take up to 7-10 business day to receive your payment.

iGotOffer.com buys used iPhones, iPads and other Apple products. Our deals are transparent and customers can instantly see how much they are going to get paid. Unlike other companies, iGotOffer provides fully insured shipping labels. Even if your package gets lost, you are safe and covered thanks to the insured shipping label. New York City approved iGotOffer by issuing  it a second hand dealer license.

All you have to do is open our webpage and choose which products you would like to sell. Of course discuss this decision with your spouse or any other family member you need to discuss with- and then make an informed decision. If you make any mistakes while filling out any forms or information, that is not a problem at all- just contact us and we will help you. I hope this iGotOffer review was helpful and informative and gave you a little bit of information of how we work. Please consider choosing us if you decide to trade in any of your electronic devices for cash.

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  • iGotOffer.com: the best place to sell your used electronic gadget online. Top cash guaranteed. Free quote and free shipping. BBB A+ rated business.
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  1. Caine

    November 20, 2017 at 22:49

    It’s rather hard to obtain A+ with BBB and stick with this note. Every negative comment will make them drop your rating, and we all know how many earthlings are unhappy with everything if you know what I mean. So one day you’ll awake and see that you dropped from A+ to A, then to B and to Z… It will be not you fault though.

  2. Barry

    April 4, 2018 at 16:31

    My dealing with “I got offer” was very unsatisfactory. I described the condition of the Mac Book accurately and they quoted me a price of $70. After I shipped it to them however, they told me the hard drive wasn’t working and they would only pay $20. I explained to them that the mousepad was the part working but with difficulty and the Mac was still functioning when shipped.

    They never responded satisfactorily and only paid the $20. I tried complaining to the police in their city but the price said it was a civil matter.

    • Lana

      April 12, 2018 at 13:43

      Dear Sir.

      You acknowledge yourself that that condition of your MacBook was, let’s say, a matter of discussion. We can’t accept devices which we consider in the lower condition than that stated by the customer who sends us the item. However, we NEVER act without the seller’s consent. If you disagree with our new quote based on our technicians’ analysis, you can always reject our latest price and ask for the item to return to you. You accepted the new quote based on our technical review, and we sent you the amount we offered only after you had accepted the new offer. (We wonder how much would other company pay for the electronic device in this condition. Apple Trade Up program would simply never accept it even for $1; they would take it for free for recycling).

      Believe us, we feel very uncomfortable every time we have to re-quote an item, as it means we spend valuable time of our employees, we contribute efforts and we spend money every time we can’t accept a device.

      Your truly,

      iGotOffer team.

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iGotOffer Useful Information

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