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iPhone 11 is All About Hardware, Not Design

iPhone 11 is All About Hardware, Not Design
iPhone 11 is All About Hardware, Not Design

iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing [Video]

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iPhone 11 Rumors: It’s All About Hardware, not Design

With only two months to go before the September Apple event we have more leaks about the next iPhone than ever. Suffice it to say, that the first leak surfaced at the end of March, when Zach Epstein @zacharye from bgr.com wrote that judging from the leaked iPhone 11 schematics, the smartphone would get a triple lens camera.

The middle of May saw leaked iPhone cases moldings posted by Mark Gurman @markgurman. Right about that time as rumor has it, Apple passed the finished design of the A13 mobile processor to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). As you can see, the Apple community was buzzing with news all this time.

The 9to5mac.com website has published the summary from the well known Brazilian insider and Mac and iOS developer Guilherme Rambo @_inside.

iphone 11 all about hardware not design date - iPhone 11 is All About Hardware, Not Design
Apple is set to launch the three new iPhones during its annual event in September.

How Many iPhones 11 is Apple Rolling Out?

Apple will stick to the pattern. There will be three new ‘iPhone 11’ models in September. The trio will feature the Apple A13 chip with codename Cebu, model T8030. The top ‘iPhone 11’, known as D43 or iPhone12.5 will replace the iPhone XS Max. The smaller D42 or iPhone12,3 is going replace the iPhone XS. The iPhone XR’s successor is N104 or iPhone12.1. This junior model will feature only a two-lens back camera and a 2x Liquid Retina display, while the top models will sport 3x OLED Retina displays. The screen resolution will be inherited from the previous generation.

Will the iPhone 11 Feature a USB-C Port Like the iPad Pro?

No, all the three models will feature the good old Lightning port. A very disputable solution, because iOS 13 beta suggests a wired method for transferring data between phones as Guilherme Rambo previously wrote. A USB-C port can provide a faster connection nowadays.

iphone 11 all about hardware not design camera - iPhone 11 is All About Hardware, Not Design
How will looks new iPhone 11 details in video (see below).

New Cameras Will Allow Autocorrection

The iPhone 11 will feature three cameras on the back contained within a square. Apple fans are already furious with the design. Surprisingly, the junior model with just two cams, arranged in a column, looks more elegant and more ‘Apple-like’. If we have to put up with the most annoying back panel design ever, what will we get in exchange? An extra wide-angle camera that will be capable of capturing a wide-angle image. The extra wide-angle camera with Smart Frame will automatically adjust framing, perform perspective and will be able to crop an image by capturing the extra area beyond the frame. The extra image data will be discarded after a limited period of time to maintain users’ privacy.

The front camera will also support slo-mo recording at 120fps.

Most Mysterious iPhone 11 Feature

iPhone 11 will have a mysterious feature known as leap haptics. It’s the good old Taptic Engine but no one knows what it will exactly do. It may be a redesigned 3D Touch or it could be something entirely else. iOS 13 gave some clues as it has Haptic Touch – a longer tap. However, we will have to wait till September to reveal the full secret.


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