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Top iPhone Apps

Top iPhone Apps iPhone 6s / 6s Plus Production
Top iPhone Apps

Top iPhone Apps

It should go without saying, that the iPhone is one of the most widely used mobile phones available, if not the most popular. One interesting feature of the iPhone is the possibility of downloading apps and adding them to the ones that are built in already. Here are a few of the apps that are the most popular to date:

One of the top rated iPhone apps is WhatsApp. This app allows you to send messages and photos over an Internet connection without using up your text message limit. So, if you are using WiFi or have unlimited mobile data, you can send pictures of any size, as well as send and receive messages without limits or restrictions.

Strava is another wonderful app available for download on your iPhone. Strava is a tool to keep fit. It can track your performance, as well as give you daily challenges which may enhance your exercise routine. Interestingly, Strava can not only show you routines created by other users, but also allows you to share your own. The app can be downloaded free of charge in its basic version. The premium version has even more features available for a small fee.

Google Photos works equally well on both iOS as well as Android platforms and computers. This app gives you access to unlimited photo and video storage, in addition to editing capabilities as well as collage and album making tools. Snapseed is another Google generated app that lets you tweak your photographs  using various filters. Nonetheless, iPhones, such as the iPhone 5c, have built-in photo editors already. You can crop, render black and white or otherwise change the pictures you take. For example, the iPhone 6’s photo-shooting capability has resulted in a campaign showing the masterpieces created by the device. The resolution, as well as the array of effects, is quite impressive; especially when compared to the quality of photos taken with a professional camera.

Also, the iPhone comes with built-in music apps such as the iTunes, which can be synced with your Mac. There’s is also the Spotify Music App which you can download in addition to iPhone factory settings. What’s more, you can invest in a premium account and listen to music offline.

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