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In the world based on Internet, the online learning has become a great challenge to traditional models of education. Indeed, the Internet has made access to free education easy as long as potential student has access to iTunes U. The production of information across the Internet is open to contribution and modification from people all over the world. Thus iTunes U is an excellent example of a shift towards a new online education system produced from professors and educators all around the world.

Today anyone can create an iTunes U course manager. iTunes U allows for “on-the-go” learning from renowned educators. This new approach includes a decentralized action-specifically and important cooperative and coordination action.

By engaging with educational courses in online technology, schools around the world are able to access customized online courses with the best teaching staff. iTunes U offers online courses for grades K-12, university and college level courses, in a multitude of areas. It includs courses on the ecosystems, history and modern economy and finance. The notion of sharing expertise via the network allows for global access to information from highly appraised teachers and professors.

Many schools and world-renowned universities such as Stanford and Harvard participate in iTunes U. Indeed, this is an option for students and people to have access to lectures, music, performances, and more. Thus “remote students” have access to new experiences. Traditional models of education are being challenge while people get access for some lectures for free through iTunes that affiliated student pay thousands and thousands of dollars for degrees.

As it is a free source of knowledge, students do not receive credit for courses that they listen to on iTunes U. Besides, Apple does not pay for the content of these courses, and professors do not get paid for podcasting their lectures through iTunes U.

Let’s remind that the first online educational courses began in 1981, with courses that were offered for no credit.

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