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Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac
Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

If you want to save your time, working on Mac you can use some keyboard shortcuts you should know on any Mac OS. Indeed, by pressing a combination of keys, you can perform operation without using a mouse, trackpad, or any other input device. Here come 25 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Command+Q – quit any program
  2. Option-Command-W – close all the windows in the currently active app
  3. Command-T – to open a new tab in any Internet browser
  4. Command-Shift-T to open the most recently closed tab for you in any Internet browser
  5. Command-Tab – to switch between applications
  6. Command-X, Command-C, Command-V – cut, copy, and paste
  7. Command-F – to search information
  8. Command-Option-Esc – If an app stops responding, you might need to force it to quit
  9. Command-H – to hide the current active app

Symbols for certain keys

Command – ⌘
Shift – ⇧

Option – ⌥
Control – ⌃

Caps Lock – ⇪

Some General Tips

In fact, OS X and macOS Sierra include Mac shortcuts for just about everything, and a single shortcut can change the way you work for the better.

  1. Cmd + I brings up the Get Info window in Finder. It shows the file’s location, name and size.
  2. Cmd + I + Option key brings up a single Get Info window, updating automatically when you click on a different file or folder or select multiple files and folders.
  3. Cmd + W closes the active window. This shortcut proves to be useful if you want to quickly close an open document without quitting the application. This combination also works for closing individual tabs in Safari.
  4. Cmd + Option + D – allows you to show/hide the Dock.
  5. Cmd + Shift + 3 – captures the whole screen taking the screenshot.
  6. Cmd + Shift + 4 – gives crosshairs.
  7. Cmd + H – instantly hides all the windows of the application that you’re working with.
  8. Cmd + H + Option – hides all the applications except the one you’re working on.
  9. Press Tab key and keep pressing it – it’s the Application switcher which allow you to step through which application you’ll switch to , or point with your cursor to select one.
  10. Press Shift and keep pressing it – the action reverses the direction described in #9.
  11. Cmd + Option + +/- Zoom in/out of the screen. Note that this function needs to be enabled in the Universal Access pane in System Preferences first.
  12. Cmd + Option + Esc – Force Quit. A very useful function if an application has annoyingly locked. This shortcut brings up the Force Quit dialog – this will then enable you to stop the application.
  13. Cmd + Ctrl + D – brings up the OS X dictionary definition of the word and put you back in the know (but his tip is for OS X 10.5 and above only).
  14. F9, F10 and F11 – brings up Exposé – but you’ll find that this is different on later MacBooks.
  15. Tab – allows you to cycle between windows or press Esc to exit Exposé.
  16. Shift + [ – Forwards/Backwards – in Finder as well as most browsers, including Safari, will handily take you back to the previous page you were on.
  17. Cmd + ] – takes you forward from the previous page (see previous point), just as if you’d clicked the arrow buttons located in the toolbar.
  18. Cmd + A – brings up Select All function in any application, whether you have a text, a collection of images in iPhoto or all the files and folders in a Finder window.
  19. Cmd + Option + Shift + C, X or V – Copy (C), Cut (X), Paste (V). You don’t have to reformat text to match its destination.
  20. Cmd + Spacebar – opens the Spotlight search box.
  21. Cmd + Enter – opens the Top Hit within Spotlight.
  22. Cmd + a mouse-click – within Spotlight reveals the item in Finder.
  23. Press Spacebar while in Finder to bring up QuickView.
  24. Press Spacebar while in an application and a is selected. It will make the Mac act as if you’ve clicked it.
  25. Cmd + . –  cancels operation if you’re in the middle of an operation (copying over some files, saving or opening dialog, and so on).
  26. Hold down the Option key and press an arrow key – this will leap one word in the direction of the arrow.
  27. Hold down Cmd + arrow, and you’ll jump words right to the start or end.
  28. Hold down Shift – this will select the range you’ve just leapt over.
  29. Cmd + Z – undo. If something goes wrong, hit this combination, and you’ll be rescued.
  30. Cmd + Y – redo option in some applications.
  31. File path – Open or Save dialog box opens a dialog into which you can type a file path to change the current directory. You can then tap on the Tab key to auto-complete folder and file names.
  32. F12 – launches Dashboard and gives access to OS X’s collection of widgets that perform useful tricks such as getting the weather forecast, giving you a calculator or bringing up the Dictionary.
  33. Cmd + , – quickly opens Preferences. If you want to quickly open the Preferences menu to change the settings of your Mac, then use this shortcut: Cmd + , to load up the menu. If you’re using an application, then this Mac shortcut may open up the settings menu for that app.
  34. Cmd + Shift + ? – opens the Help menu.
  35. Cmd + E – quickly ejects disk or drive.
  36. Cmd + Shift + I – opens iCloud drive and gives access to the files stored in your iCloud drive.
  37. Cmd + Shift + Option + Delete – skips the confirmation window and empties the trash quickly.
  38. Cmd + Shift + D – quickly opens the Desktop folder.
  39. Cmd + Shift + L – goes to Downloads and allows you to view downloaded files.
  40. Cmd + Shift + O – opens the Documents folder.
  41. Cmd + Shift + R – allows you to jump Quick AirDrop shortcut to the folder on your Mac.
  42. Cmd + Shift + U – opens the Utilities folder.

Watch the video below to find more, it’s better to see once than to read a thousand times.

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