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Sell cell phoneSell or Trade In my Google Pixel 3a Online

Selling a Used Phone Online

You can easily and quickly select the specifics for your phone and get a free quote. All you have to do is describe the condition of your device, (Flawless, Good, Fair or Broken). After that, you choose which method of shipment you want, and we send you a pre-paid shipping label.

This shipping label will allow you to send us the product you are selling to us, and not have to worry about the shipping costs. For your convenience, the shipping label will also be attached to your order confirmation email.

Please use the proper packaging for the item you want to sell, so it is not damaged.

What Happens After I Send My Old Cell Phone?

When we receive your item, we will test it to see if it meets the requirements for the condition you selected. If the specifications and characteristics of the product to be sold correspond to your evaluation, we pay you the full quoted amount in the preferred method of payment that you selected (check or PayPal). As soon as the inspection is completed, your payment will be processed very quickly (usually, both inspection and payment are made in 2-3 business days from the moment we receive your item).

After that, all you have to do is just complete your order. It takes an additional few seconds, and then you’re done. Simple and easy!

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