What specs do you have?


Click the Apple button in the upper left corner of your MacBook and choose About this Mac. Then click on "More Info". There you will find the screen size of your MacBook. On Yosemite (10.10.x) model there's no need to press More Info, as the Displays tab is accessible from About this Mac.

The quickest way to determine the type of processor: Choose About This Mac from the Apple menu. You'll see the Processor line which clearly indicates which kind of processor is in your Mac.

It's easy to find how much storage space your MacBook has$:  On desktop, click hard drive icon to select it. Within the file menu select Get Info(or Right-click on hard drive icon and choose Get Info.) You will see Capacity of drive, and Available and Used space. If you have several partitions, launch the Disk Utility.app and it will list all the partitions on the physical drive of your MacBook. Select any partition and click on "info" at top of the Disk Utility window to see space (used and free) on that partition.

Choose About This Mac from the Apple menu. You'll see the Memory line which indicates how much RAM (memory) is installed on your Macbook.

To check the video card, click the Apple log in the top left and go to About this Mac. The first screen will tell you what video card is installed on your MacBook. On early models you may need to access system profiler. To do this click on More info.