Modifying Mac OS X Windows

By default, Finder windows have a plain white background. Users can however adjust these windows, adding new images and custom patterns. In fact, adjusting the background is practical because users can identify thus active Finder windows and liven up Finder.

How to Modify Mac OS X Windows

You can add any images to the backgrounds of your folders. For your convenience, you can use a background image of shelves which will help you to organize the icons properly, but in this case you’ll need to use the icon size slider to match up the folder icons with the shelves. You can use, of course, any other image you prefer.

Here’s how you modify Finder windows:

  • Open a folder in Finder.
  • To view contents, choose View – As Icons.
  • Press Ctrl+click or Right-click a blank area inside the folder.
  • Choose Show View Options.
  • Choose the Picture button from the Background options.
  • Double-click the Drag Image Here preview to choose an image file from finder. Or drag an image from within the Finder Window or from the Desktop direct to the preview. The image will appear in the background of the window.
  • To remove the image, select White as the background.
  • Choose the Color option if you want to change the background color in a window.



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