Software Updates

Why update Mac OS?: Staying up to date is really important, as updates fix bugs and allow you to add performance enhancements to your computer. So keeping your devices and the applications you use up to date is one of the easiest and secure ways to get the most performance out of your system.

How to Use Software Update

A Software Update feature is always included with any Mac OS. This feature allows you to update the operating system and key Apple software. By default, Apple sets Software Update to run once a week. You can run it however at any time by choosing System Preferences – Software Update pane. Just adjust the update schedule to suit your preferences, as you can choose daily or monthly settings (but generally, weekly updates are enough). You can choose the option Download Updates Automatically. In this case, the updates will be downloaded in the background. You’ll be notified by your computer when they are ready to install.

How to Update Non-Apple Apps?

As the Software Update works with Apple apps only, you should use other methods to update the third-party programs running on your computer, as each company has its own system for delivering updates. As a rule, you’ll see Check for Updates option in that application’s menu (either in the application name menu or in the Help section). Many apps check for updates automatically at defined periods or when you launch the app. Usually they ask if they should check for updates automatically, and experts recommend to click Yes always.

There also exist programs that manage the download and installation of software updates, such as Microsoft AutoUpdate or Adobe Update. These program can work for you, check for updates and install them in Mac OS X.



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