Speed Up Applications

To speed up your computer, you can always speed up applications. First at all, you should always run the most up-to-date version of each program, but you can also speed up some of the most common applications by following these tips:

How To Speed Up Applications on Mac

How to Improve Web Browsers

Insuring that your Web browser runs smoothly and quickly is one of the best ways to gain an overall faster experience of browsing the Web. If you use Safari (or any other search engine for that matter) :

Remove Unused Extensions

Safari (as well as other browsers) includes extensions in its preferences, as extensions add additional functionalities to your programs. You add extensions by downloading them from the Internet.

Using Safari, to manage extensions, use Safari Preferences menu. Just choose Safari – Preferences – Extensions. In Extensions pane you can disable individual plug-ins: deselect the Enable check box. You can remove the extension completely: choose Uninstall.

Can you see an On/Off switch at the top right of the Extensions pan? This switch is used to control all extensions. If you switch to Off, no extensions will be running.

If you use Firefox, go to Tools – Add-ons – Extensions. All installed extensions will appear in the Add-on window, click Disable or Uninstall button to control them as needed.

Remove Plug-Ins

Plug-ins are rather similar to extensions, but you install and remove them from individual applications, by adding them to folders in Finder and removing them if that’s your preference. To remove plug-ins from Safari, go to Help – Installed Plug-ins. If you’d like to remove a file, look for it in Finder and then drag it to the Trash bin. Then close and restart Safari, and the plug-in will be removed.

Reset Safari

Safari retains a lot of information, the browser accumulates from caches, the Web History or Autofill feature (the feature that automatically fills in the URL as you type. Autofill also retains the passwords you have entered, as well as information on forms you have filled out). If you delete these data, it may contribute to speed up your Safari browser. To wipe information and stop slowdown, go to Safari – Reset Safari. Now select the boxes you want to remove and click Reset. You can also clear the cache by going to Safari – Clear Cache, but we don’t recommend it, as cache serve to improve performance.

Speed Up Mail

Mail application can really suffer from bloat, as e-mail coming in number can clog up a system. If, in your opinion, Mail is running slowly try the following solutions: How To Speed Up My Mail.


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