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Everything about iPod, a line of portable media players and multi-purpose pocket computers manufactured by Apple Inc. Here you will find all information: models, specifications and more.

iPod Classic 2nd generation (2002) – Full information

The iPod Classic 2nd generation (2002) replaces the scroll wheel used on the iPod 1st generation with a touch sensitive scroll wheel. While users had to physically turn the wheel, now they could only touch to achieve the results. The iPod Classic 2nd generation also had a larger hard drive, used a cover to the Firewire port, a thinner Firewire cable, a hold switch revised, a wired remote control. A carrying case was added. Apple used the suffix classic to describe the iPod 2nd generation. However this definition wasn’t officially included until the 6th generation. (more…)

iPod Classic 1st Gen

iPod 1st Gen: The original Apple iPod broke new ground in the portable MP3 player market by combining a small hard drive, a unique “Scroll Wheel” controller for easy one handed operation, a simple, easy-to-use operating system designed for mobile devices (based on Pixo OS 2.1), and slick Mac software — iTunes (based on SoundJam) – that made it easy to manage one’s music collection between the Mac and the iPod.  Note that the “classic” definition was not introduced until the 6th generation iPod. (more…)