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Everything about iPod, a line of portable media players and multi-purpose pocket computers manufactured by Apple Inc. Here you will find all information: models, specifications and more.

iPod Nano 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB

The iPod nano, a portable player to fit a clock pocket on your jeans, starts the latest line-up of Apple’s iPods. From the iPod mini this player takes a small ClickWheel while in all the other features it is similar to the iPod color display. Put in a steel case with a 1.5 inch 16-bit color backlit LCD display the iPod nano 1st Gen player supports the photos playback but lacks a video out. The player doesn’t support the iPod Camera Connector either or any third-party solution. Thus, the small iPod screen is the only view option for a user. The iPod nano 1st gen is available in two colors – “ibook white” and jet black – and in three capacity models. Brand new software features includes a screen lock, a stopwatch, and a world clock. The battery provides up to 14 hours of music playback and up to 4 hours of photo slideshows synchronized to music. (more…)

iPod Classic 5th Generation (2005) – Full information

The iPod Classic 5th Generation (2005) with 30 Gb or 60 Gb hard drive onboard was in many ways the first of its kind. First, though positioned as a portable audio player it featured the video playback on the internal display. It can play MP4 (up to 2.5 Mbit/s) and H.264 (up to 768 kbit/s). Which, considering that the device can be connected to any external display via the proprietary Apple TV cable, was certainly a breakthrough back then. Second, the iPod Classic 5th Generation (2005) was being offered in two color schemes for non-special edition, its usual white color and the alternative black. The white edition got the smaller Click Wheel as compared to the previous model. The black edition case had also undergone drastic changes. The iPod Classic 5th Generation (2005) Black was completely redesigned. Its proportions were changed, the rear casing became more rounded, while the front one – more flat. The 4-pin remote port was removed as well, thus causing troubles with backward compatibility of certain accessories. (more…)

iPod Classic 5th Generation Enhanced – Full Information

The iPod classic 5th Generation Enhanced was introduced instead of a much awaited iPod classic 6 on the 12th of September, 2006. It is also referred to as “iPod 5.5 Generation”. The 2.5 inch screen became up to 60% brighter and the user could adjust the brightness both in Settings menu and while watching video. The iPod classic 5th Gen Enhanced had 30 Gb or 80 Gb hard drive onboard and better battery life. Yet, it was true for photos slideshow and video playback while for music playback the battery life remained the same as in the previous model. Additional icons and a search function sum up the improvements in the model. (more…)