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Everything about iPod, a line of portable media players and multi-purpose pocket computers manufactured by Apple Inc. Here you will find all information: models, specifications and more.

iPod Shuffle 1st generation (2005) – Full information

The iPod Shuffle 1st generation is the smallest MP3 flash drive music player and the cheapest among the Apple products. As the moniker Shuffle implies, the player was designed as an easy load-and-go device. It was supported by the “autofill” iTunes feature that picked up songs from a user’s collection at random and load as many of them as could fit into the player’s storage. There were two iPod shuffle models according to their storage capacity: the 512 Mb model and the 1 Gb model. The latter could store up to 240 songs. The iPod Shuffle 1st generation was designed to plug into a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 ports but could go with an optional dock as well. It lacked the click wheel, the display, the playlist functions as well as many other:  an alarm clock, a calendar and suchlike. It had four buttons on the front to navigate the playlist. The only indicator was the battery level indicator on the reverse. (more…)