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4th Generation Apple TV Review

4th Generation Apple TV Review
4th Generation Apple TV Review

4th Generation Apple TV Review

4th Generation Apple TV is the fourth generation of this device for streaming TV. The 4th Gen Apple TV comes with an automated setup mode. You can choose however, to do manual setup if you prefer. The 4th Gen Bluetooth remote is called a “Siri remote”, which is equipped with a mix of buttons as well as a touch-sensitive interface. To select an item you’d like to see, you have to press the remote until you get a physical click. You can also push the microphone button on the remote and talk to Siri on the new Apple TV. You can, for example, ask Siri for SF shows and she will pull up a few of them for you.

The 4th Generation Apple TV has an on-screen keyboard.

When you open this device, the main screen is almost empty. The only icons you see are Movies, TV, Apps, Photos, Music, Search, Settings, and Computer. To get the other services (like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and so on), you have to go into the app store and download them. When you launch the app store, you see three tabs: Featured, Purchased and Search. As for the apps themselves, you’ll find Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, CBS All Access and a few other media content apps available for download. The 4th Generation Apple TV also offers a few space battle games. These games require the Siri remote in order to play.

Apple’s visual screen saver is basically a set of scenes, but on the 4th Generation Apple TV, there is no longer the possibility to use a Flickr account as a screen saver. You can however, download images form Flickr, put them on your Mac and then set up computer sharing. You are also able to use iCloud if having your photos as a screen saver is important to you.

The new Apple TV no longer has a podcast app.

The best thing about the 4th Generation Apple TV, is that the selection of movies and TV shows from the iTunes store is quite comprehensive. You can use your 4th Generation AppleTV to watch YouTube Live channels, Photo Stream and other channels. You can use the device to listen to music as well.

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