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New Star Trek Series Announced by CBS, Expected for 2017

New Star Trek series announced by CBS, expected for 2017
New Star Trek Series Announced by CBS, Expected for 2017

New Star Trek Series Announced by CBS, Expected for 2017

New Star Trek Series: CBS announced in November 2015, that a whole new Stark Trek series will be coming out in 2017! It seems also that the next chapter of the Star Trek adventure is going to go where no broadcast series has gone before: out there, only online. The franchise will be distributed concurrently for television and multiple platforms around the world by CBS Studios International, but for US residents, it will be accessible only through the Internet.

So, the Star Trek series makes a return to television after a decade-long absence, despite some rumors that state the franchise is not going to be on small screen at all in the coming years.

Star Trek: The Original Series aired from 1966-1969. The starship returned to television in 1987 with Star Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space Nine followed in 1993. Star Trek: Voyager began its long journey in 1995 and Star Trek: Enterprise in 2001. Enterprise was cancelled in 2005 and since then, for more than 10 years, there were no more new TV Star Trek series filmed. The franchise however headed back to theaters with 2009’s Star Trek and since then, a few movies are flying our way. The next film, rumored to be titled Star Trek Beyond, is supposed to land in theaters sometime around July 2016.

Some rumors say that the new Star Trek series will be titled Star Trek: Continues, beaming down with adventures of the Federation’s most heroic crew, led by Captain James T. Kirk. The acting and stories are supposed to replicate the original series. They also say that fans of the original series will enjoy the pilot episode, since there is a familiar guest star from the original series, who will reprise his role there. The series will also introduce new characters! We can’t wait!

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