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Factory Reset Apple TV

If you decide to sell old device: How to factory reset Apple TV
Factory Reset Apple TV

 How to Factory Reset Apple TV

If you decide to sell old device

How to factory reset Apple TV: If you decide to sell or donate your old Apple TV, you can wipe the device, so any sensitive account data will be erased. You don’t want to ship it or sell it to someone with your account information still intact and stored on the device.

It can be accomplished in two ways. If the device is working properly, you can reset it from the settings: boot the unit up, then go through the menus. First, click on “Settings” from the main menu. Once there, click on the very first option, “General”. On the “General” options screen, scroll all the way to the bottom and choose the “Reset” option. You’ll see three options on the screen, Cancel, Restore (this option completely wipes your device clean and restores the unit to factory new. Besides, all software updates will be downloaded and installed), and Reset All Settings. This option allows you to reset your accounts and configuration.

Alternatively, you can use iTunes to quickly erase all the data. Using iTunes can also be done when your Apple TV is unbootable for any reason, or if it isn’t operating properly. For this, connect the device to your computer. First, unplug your Apple TV, then plug a mini USB cable in the back, (right below the HDMI port). Then, connect it to a USB port on the computer. Next, plug the Apple TV back in. iTunes should recognize it. Just click on “Restore Apple TV” – then on the next screen choose the “Restore and Update” button. This option will download and install the latest version of the Apple TV software. Now you can disconnect the Apple TV from the computer. Reconnect the device to your HDTV and it should now boot and work properly.

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