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New iPhone 6, Specifications and Prices

New iPhone 6, specifications and prices
New iPhone 6, Specifications and Prices

New iPhone 6, Specifications and Prices

At a glance, some more important rumored specifications of this new and highly publicized iPhone 6 to be launched in September (see our text as follows (at least, this is what we think we know about this device).

Two versions will be available in the market: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch with a sapphire glass display; 2GHz+ processing power and 1GB RAM, which is the same power sported by the iPhone 5 product line but less than Samsung’s Galaxy S5. The camera will have optical image stabilization.But no update on 8 megapixels. (Let’s remind you that optical image stabilization (OIS) is designed to reduce shake and improve the sharpness of images, and is often found on high-end DSLR lenses. In fact, the iPhone will retain its 8 megapixel camera – rather than be upgraded to 12 – 16 megapixels, but image stabilization would improve the camera’s capabilities.

However, there’s no shortage of rumors floating around and concerning its specs, price and other details. For example, they say that if you sell you old iPhone to change it for the anticipated Apple new flagship phone you might have to buy the iOS handset (the Wall Street Journal suggested that two types of handset would be on offer, both of which will have larger screens than the 4-inch iPhone 5). According to new patents filed by Apple, the new handset could be thinner than its predecessors and standard aluminum-framed handsets, and Apple may use the LiquidMetal technology that it licensed in August 2010 and renewed this summer to bind a LiquidMetal bezel to a sapphire glass screen.

A sapphire glass screen is also a debated aspect of the iPhone 6, and smaller bezels and an expanded use of screen real estate are expected to increase display size without making the iPhone itself much larger.

As to its 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions, the curved glass screens are supposed to detect different levels of pressure thanks to new sensors. Some experts claim the iPhone 6 could sport a screen resolution of up to 1704×960.

Some gurus believe that Apple’s newest phone will contain a faster A8 processor. It seems that Apple’s A8 SoC will boost frequencies of 2GHz or more per core, an increase from the iPhone 5S’ 1.3Ghz A7 SoC. However, the chipset will continue to use dual-core architecture. Certain sources claim that the iPhone 6 will feature a Qualcomm MDM9625 modem, which lacks support for LTE Category 6, but is faster. If this rumor happen to be true, the iPhone 6 could reach data speeds of up to 150Mbps, carrier allowing, but will not be capable of 300Mbps speed.

But what about battery life? According to Apple Daily the larger iPhone will pack a powerful 2915 mAh battery, while the smaller version will sport a cell with capacity between 1800 and 1900 mAh.

Rumors say that wireless charging for iPhone 6 may also be on the cards, as following a patent filed by Apple in 2012 for wireless charging protocols, the possibility exist of charging this device without wires.

Other reports suggest the iPhone 6 will come with Apple’s biometric fingerprint scanner TouchID, and retina scanning technology could also become part-and-parcel of our future handsets.

Finally, it seems that iPhone 6 is the first to feature an Apple logo which lights up when the user is sent notifications, besides, its secret weapon will be new types of vibrator which will allow app developers to vary levels of vibration depending on the handset activities. Details are thin on the ground surrounding the iPhone 6’s rumored price, but we are expected to pay prices that will match the iPhone 5S.

Don’t forget that the iPhone 6 has an expected launch date of 9 September, before going on sale on 19 September 2014, as Apple has reportedly ordered up to 80 million units ahead of launch, so it’s time to sell your old iPhone before it’s too late.

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New iPhone 6, specifications and prices

New iPhone 6, specifications and prices

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