Apple Watch: Make a Phone Call

Users can make and recieve phone calls on Apple Watch using iPhone’s cellular connection. To do this, ou need to open the Phone app on Apple Watch. Then you can quickly place a call by using the full Contacts list, the Recents list or the Favorites list. When iPhone has established the call, you conduct the call using the microphone and speakers on Apple Watch. You can control the volume, mute the call and end the call when you finish talking.

How to Make a Phone Call

  • Lift your wrist to wake Apple Watch and display the watch face.
  • Click the Digital Crown to display the Home screen.
  • Tap Phone to display the Phone screen.
  • To display recent calls, tap Recents.
  • To display the full list of contacts, tap Contacts.
  • To access your voicemail, tap Voicemal.
  • Tap Favorites and the Favorites screen vill open.
  • Tap the name of the person you want to call. Aplle Watch will make iPhone to place the call.
  • Tap Quieter or Louder, or turn the Digital Crown, to change the volume. Note that you may need to hold Apple Watch up to your mouth for the other person to hear you, as the level of your speach depends on the ambient noise level and your voice projection.
  • You can tap Mute to mute the call.
  • Tap End Call when you are ready to end the call.



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