Apple Watch: Review Fitness Data in Health App

With Apple Watch, your workout data goes to the Health app on iPhone. The Health app integrates the workout data with all the other data it recives from other sources, such as any medical devices you use, as weell as any data points you input manually. For example, you can input your declining weight or any other data you consider important. You can also review your fitness data in the Health app to analyze the progress of your fitness regime.

How to Review Your Fitness Data in the Health Applicable

  • Press Home on iPhone, and the Home screen will appear.
  • Tap Health, and the Health app will open (as a rule, the Dasboard screen must appear first).
  • Now, you can view the items you have added to Dashboard.
  • Tap Day, Week, Month, Year to change the time period shown in the charts.
  • Tap Health Data to display the Health Data screen.
  • Tap Fitness to display the fitness screen.
  • Tap Active Calories to display the Active Caloires screen.
  • By tapping Day, Week, Month or Year, you change the time period you see in the chart.
  • If you want to display this chart on Dashboard, set the Show on Dashboard switch to On.
  • Tap Show All Data to display the All Recorded Data screen. You’ll see a lost of all the data (all the recorded calorie count).
  • Tap Edit to open the data for editing and delete data points, if needed.
  • Tap a data point you want to review, and the Details screen will appear, showing as well the source of the data point (Apple Watch in our case).
  • Tap Back, and the All recorded Data screen will show again.
  • Tap Active Calories to display the Active Calories screen again.
  • Tap Fitness to display the Fitness screen. You can also tap another Fitness item and display it.

Share Data Command

The Share Data command on the Active Calories screen appears on the Active Calories screen and on the other Fitness data screens. This command allows you to share a category of data with another app. For example, you can share your Walking + Running Distance statistics with a third-party app which helps you to analyze walking and running data.



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