Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

Keyboard shortcuts: Input is very important, and the keyboard is the input device you use the most, so this text looks at some keyboard tricks and shortcuts which enable users to get the most from their Macs. Working on any Mac you can use some keyboard shortcuts which will save your time and efforts. Here are some of the most useful and frequently used special combinations of keys that allow you to quickly perform a function in a particular application or across your system. You don’t have to use your mouse to trawl through menus and icons:

Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

It’s worth taking the time to get used to shortcuts, as they increase your efficiency (experts say that they even reduce your chances of developing repetitive strain injury). Most keyboard shortcuts revolve around a handful of keys that can be found in the bottom corners of the main section of the keyboard. Note that each of these keys can be referred to with various names and symbols: Command or Apple, Option or Alt, Control or Ctrl, Shift on an arrow pointing upwards, etc.

  • Buttons Command-Q – quit any program.
  • Buttons Option and Command-W – will close all the windows in the currently active app.
  • Buttons Command-T – will open a new tab in any Internet browser.
  • Buttons Command and Shift-T – will open the most recently closed tab in any Internet browser.
  • Buttons Command and Tab – allow you to switch between applications.
  • Command-X – cut.
  • Command-C – copy.
  • Command-V – paste.
  • Button Command-F allows to search information.
  • Command and Option-Esc – this combination force quit an app if it stops responding.
  • Command-H – to hide the current active app.

Watch the video below to find more:



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