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You’ll learn all the information about Apple and its history from the beginning to our days. Everything you have always wanted to ask and learn about Apple. Enjoy your reading!

History of Apple: 1970-1989 – Most Significant Events

How might the world have changed if the Apple Computer Corporation had actually chose another way of development in the 1970s? As more than one character has said in more than one story, «It just might work». The world might be better today, or it might become the worst place in the Universe, we’ll never know. But one fact is certain, the world would be very different.


Apple Color Monitor IIe – Full information

Apple Color Monitor IIe was manufactured by Apple Computers for the Apple II personal computer line. This monitor was later renamed to AppleColor Composite Monitor IIe. This monitor provides a higher resolution than standard video or television screens, and provides a cost-effective solution for users who require color display and 80-column text. It is compatible with all Apple software. (more…)

Apple Monitor 100

Apple Monitor 100 was the first color Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor designed for the Apple III and Apple IIe families of personal computers. Its state-of-the-art design incorporated brand new important features (more…)