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You’ll learn all the information about Apple and its history from the beginning to our days. Everything you have always wanted to ask and learn about Apple. Enjoy your reading!

History of Apple: 1970-1989 – Most Significant Events

How might the world have changed if the Apple Computer Corporation had actually chose another way of development in the 1970s? As more than one character has said in more than one story, «It just might work». The world might be better today, or it might become the worst place in the Universe, we’ll never know. But one fact is certain, the world would be very different.


Apple Macintosh 12-Inch RGB Display

The Apple Macintosh 12-inch RGB Display was introduced with the Mac LC in October 1989. It uses a 13-inch Sony Trinitron CRT, which is curved horizontally but flat vertically. The monitor can sit on top of most desktop Macs. Apple recommended against using this monitor at maximum brightness and suggested using a screen saver to avoid phosphor burn caused by static elements on the screen, such as the Menu bar, Drive icon, and Trash. (more…)