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You’ll learn all the information about Apple and its history from the beginning to our days. Everything you have always wanted to ask and learn about Apple. Enjoy your reading!

History of Apple 1997-1998 – Most Significant Events

In July 1997, Apple announces the resignation of Gil Amelio, following another multi-million dollar quarterly loss. The time and place for the most ground breaking announcements, however, would be MacWorld Boston in August 1997. Jobs, who by now was being referred to as “interim CEO,” makes the keynote speech, and speaks of the company’s upcoming aggressive advertising campaign, upcoming new Macs, and Rhapsody. He announces an almost entirely new Board of Directors, including Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle. But he saves the best for last. In a ground breaking decision, Jobs announces an alliance of Apple Computer with Microsoft. In 1997, Apple Computer Inc. creates a new advertising slogan: Think different. Indeed, it is not easy to think outside of the box, but it is worth trying. Much later, in an interview with Peter Burrows in Bloomberg Businessweek, in 2004, Steve Jobs will say: “We, Apple, do things where we feel we can make a significant contribution. That’s one of my other beliefs”. (more…)

iMac G3 Original

The iMac G3 or Original iMac was the first all-in-one legacy-free desktop computer by Apple. With its’ Bondi Blue plastic body the iMac G3 had a futuristic captivating look, but it’s innards are more interesting. It was the first personal computer lacking the floppy drive and all the legacy ports but USB. Even the keyboard and the mouse had an USB not a PS/2 connector. The iMac G3 had an inbuilt 15-inches 16-bit monitor with resolution of 1024 x 768, 56 kbps modem, in-built speakers. The headphones dual jacks were on the front of the machine while the peripheral ports were hidden on the right side of the computer behind the little door. The iMac G3 was originally available in one color: Bondi Blue. Later it was available in thirteen colors or flavors: Bondi Blue, Strawberry, Blueberry, Lime, Grape, Tangerine, Graphite, Ruby, Snow, Indigo, Sage, Blue Dalmatian, Flower Power. (more…)