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Apple iPhone – line of smartphones manufactured by Apple. Here you will find all information about iPhone: models, specifications and more – everything you have always wanted to ask and learn about.

iPhone 6s – Full Phone Information, Tech Specs

The iPhone 6s is the successor of the iPhone’s previous models – the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The new version features improved hardware and LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, upgraded read and front cameras and a faster processor. (more…)

iPad mini 4 – Full tablet information

Apple iPad mini 4 computer tablet was casually described by Apple as a little iPad Air 2, as its pack is similar, though their internal components are something different. The iPad mini 4 is the first major redesign of the iPad mini line, with a slightly taller and wider body compared to the iPad mini 2 and mini 3. The iPad mini 4 features the Apple A8 and the Apple M8 motion co-processor. Two iPad mini 4 models were designed by Apple: the Wi-Fi only model and a cellular-equipped model. According to Apple, itw CPU is 1.3 times faster, and its graphics performance is 1.6 times faster than those of the mini 2. Their other specifications, not related to this details, are identical.


iPod nano 7th generation (2015) – Full information

The iPod nano 7th generation was revised in July, 2015. The Apple corporation offered the new set of colors and cut off the older Mac and Windows versions support. Keep in mind that Apple changed the identifiers of the model as well. The iPod nano 7th generation (2015) is not compatible with ac OS X 10.6, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. The colors available are space gray with black front, gold, silver, hot pink, blue and red with white fronts. In all the other aspects the player is similar to the older 7th gen model. The iPod nano 7th generation (2015) is taller and 38 % slimmer than the iPod nano 6th generation. The player has also lost its telltale nano line-up design and looks more like an iPod touch 1st gen. The only difference are the interface icons: they are round, not square with wraparound corners. The device also got an iPhone-like “home” button. The iPod nano 7th generation (2015) features a large 2.5-inches multi-touch screen (240×432, 202ppi) and runs the iOS-like interface. An integrated pedometer and FM radio with “live pause” feature as well as Nike+iPod, VoiceOver, and “Shake to Shuffle” functions remained. The iPod nano 7th generation (2015) hasn’t got a microphone, a speaker, or a camera but its wireless communication embraces Bluetooth 4.0. Thus, the player is compatible with wireless headphones, car stereos and external speakers. The fully charged iPod nano 7th gen supports 30 hours of music playback and 3.5 hours of video playback. (more…)

iPod Shuffle 4th Gen 2 Gb (Mid-2015)

iPod shuffle 4th Gen 2 Gb released in 2015 is identical to the previous 4th generation model in everything except colors and operating system support. The iPods shuffle 4th Gen released in mid of 2015 do not support older Mac versions as well as Windows XP and Vista. The 5 button operating scheme plus the VoiceOver action button on top. The player can speak the name of songs, artists and playlists in 14 languages and boasts the Genius Mixer function as well. That is, Genius can compile a playlist picking up similar songs. The housing is offered in seven colors – space grey and silver with a black click wheel ring and gold, blue, red, and hot pink with a white click wheel ring. There’s only one 2 Gb version for all colors with battery life up to 15 hours. (more…)