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7Are you including charger?
8What shape is it in?


  • Your iMac does not power on.
  • May have cracked display.
  • The iMac has functional defects (i.e., ports are non-functional, system fan does not function, dead logic board and so on).
  • All original hardware components are present.
  • NO unauthorized repair attempts are made (Apple is authorized)


  • Display has no cracks. 
  • Display might have white yellowish blemishes.
  • Perfect functional condition. Absolutely NO hardware issues.
  • It has some moderate physical defects.
  • It may have deep/moderate scratches, scuffs, dents.
  • It may have minor display issues as well (screen burn or a few dead pixels or screen burn).


  • Your iMac has signs of everyday use, but it is 100% functional.
  • Might have light scratches, nicks and dents.
  • Display has NO dead spots, cracks.
  • Display has NO white or yellowish blemishes.


  • Your iMac has never been used or looks like a new iMac.
  • Absolutely no scratches, flaws, hair scratches, dents, nicks or scuffs on body or stand.
  • Perfect functional condition.
  • Looks like it just came out of the box.
Brand new
Never OPENED, Never Used
By all means new, same as if you purchase from the store.
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Your sell:
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Trade In your iMac 20-inch Online

Answer a few questions on iGotOffer.com Web page and you'll get the right price for your old iMac 20-inch.

Make sure you are honest about the working condition of your device. If there are any peculiarities at all, you're going to want to be up front about them.

Yes, Apple has its own Reuse and Recycle Program, and Apple will take back any iMac to be reused or recycled. Even more, if your old iMac still has value, you can get an Apple Gift Card with the amount tacked onto it. However, that price will be well below what you could sell your old iMac 20-inch for at iGotOffer.com, as we pay the best price online for your Apple products.

Want to Sell Old iMac 20-inch for Cash?

Many computer classifieds services are like the world's yard sale — it's a place where anyone can sell just about anything, but there are a lot of caveats when dealing with these services. The stories of scammers spamming your email and text, and people getting ripped off are endless. We'd advise you strongly to be very carful doing anything with someone unknown to you on classifieds sites. However, no doubt possible, the easiest and fastest way to sell your old iMac 20-inch for the best price online is dealing with iGotOffer.

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