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How to Sell Your iMac 20-inch Online

Get an offer for your iMac 20-inch


Enter your iMac 20-inch details and get a free quote in a few seconds.

Ship your iMac 20-inch


Use provided the prepaid shipping label: just pack your iMac 20-inch and ship to us.

Get paid for your iMac 20-inch


After your iMac 20-inch arrives, we start order processing to make the payment quickly.

Where Can You Find the Trade-In Value of Your Apple iMac 20-Inch?

At iGotOffer.com, if you’re someone in the know about where to go! To get started, answer these questions on our website:

  • Step 1:  Select a model.
  • Step 2: Select your processor speed and type.
  • Step 3:  Select your year.
  • Step 4: Choose your video card.
  • Step 5: Choose your storage and memory.
  • Step 6:Are you including the power cord?
  • Step 7: Are you including other accessories?
  • Step 8: In what condition is your computer?: Broken, Fair, Good, Flawless, New.

You were no doubt thrilled to the core when you first bought your iMac 20-inch. However, many moons and come and gone since then, and a 20-inch screen may seem skimpy by today’s standards. Why not treat yourself to a more spacious iMac? You can make it affordable by trading in your old device. Whether your iMac looks rotten or shiny bright, we’ll be glad to buy it from you, for the best price anywhere!

At iGotOffer.com, the procedure is extremely straightforward. After you’ve answered our questions, we’ll make an immediate offer. If it’s attractive to you, you’ll decide on your method of payment (PayPal, Chase QuickPay, Venmo, or check), we’ll email you a prepaid shipping label to mail us your used iMac 20-inch, and it will be out the door in no time! When we receive it, we’ll inspect your computer and let you know if our offer still stands. If it does, your payment will be processed that day. If we revise our offer and you decide to jump ship, we’ll return your iMac to you pronto, nearly always at no cost (see our Terms of sale).

If you can’t ascertain which iMac model you own, you’ll out needn’t go into a tailspin. Our website drop-down menus will provide all the help you need.

Why Should You Sell Your Used iMac 20-Inch to iGotOffer?

Finding the right electronics reseller is no easy feat. There are actually TOO MANY options, which can be unnerving. Of course, they’re not all created equal; some are more trustworthy, some offer a higher yield. Apple, with its Use and Recycle program, is certainly a reliable dealer, but we pay higher prices and offer more varied forms of payment. Other companies may offer seemingly good rates, but the bitter truth is that many of them never existed on land or sea, and they don’t have your best interests at heart. Instead of tempting fate, why not go with a sure thing?: iGotOffer.com, where you’ll find the best of both worlds - reliability and top prices - all in one place!

The proof is in our longevity and our reputation. Since 2011, our U.S.-based company has served as a registered used electronics reseller. We’ve received impressive ratings from firms like 8.5/10 on ResellerRatings.com, which is considered a totally objective source of consumer feedback. We believe our business has flourished mostly by word-of-mouth, from people schmoozing about us on the street. You can read our customer comments on our website Testimonials page and see for yourself!

For evidence of our strong social media presence, follow our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also be sure to browse through our Blog, Apple Encyclopedia, Microsoft Encyclopedia, and iReflexions on our website, where you can connect with other electronics gurus and geeks and enjoy the latest high-quality tech news and articles. To easily access the pages and links mentioned above, read this: What's iGotOffer.

Don’t forget to properly pack your iMac 20-inch when you send it to us, to ensure that the package is protected.

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