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Sell iPod Shuffle Online Now

Faced with an out-of-warranty iPod shuffle you don’t need anymore, you have few choices. Indeed, you can toss it in the junk drawer. You can give it away to your kids. Or else you can sell used iPod shuffle online. At that point, selling on our site is the best option the owners of an used iPod shuffle have. They they’ll get the best quote online on the market with iGotOffer.

Sell your iPod shuffle for top cash! It's fast and easy. We buy even broken iPods! Here at iGotOffer.com we buy old, used and new iPod shuffle music players. Here you will certainly sell used gadget you don’t need anymore. And you will sell used iPod shuffle for top dollar cash online! Get an instant quote with us!

Find out which iPod model and generation you have by the model number and other details. Look for the details on the generations, models, technical specs, colors and other features on this page: Identify your iPod model.

Why to Sell Old iPod Shuffle Online to iGotOffer


Remember that the old iPod have the tendency to lose their value when a new model hits the market. Your used iPod shuffle will be safe with as. Indeed, we have been buying old electronics for many years. We have earned the A rating with the Better Business Bureau and we have 8.3/10 rating on ResellerRatings.com website, the most important platform which helps customers find the best and the most honest businesses. Still in doubt? You can read our iGotOffer Blog or consult our Apple Encyclopedia, full of helpful texts about Apple products. You can also read Testimonials left by our customers, when they leave their impressions about company (we have never deleted any message, as we are sure that even critical reviews – though there are very few of them – help us improve our service. And we really care about you! Check our Facebook Page and our Twitter.

So you can make money by selling your iPod shuffle on iGotOffer website. Our simple tool will help you get started in a few seconds and help you sell an old iPod fast. You’ll get the best price online on the market.

Apple has launched four generations of iPod Shuffle. Each one is designed to be easily loaded with a selection of songs and to play them in random order. Owners of existing iPods often leave the music selection to "shuffle". The device relies on the use of an "autofill" feature in iTunes, which selects songs at random from a user's music library or from a specific playlist. It then copies as many as would fit into the iPod Shuffle's memory.

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