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How to Sell Your MacBook Online

Get an offer for your  MacBook


Enter your MacBook specifications and get a free immediate quote in just seconds.

Ship your  MacBook


Use the provided prepaid shipping label, just pack up your MacBook and ship to us.

Get paid for your  MacBook


We’ll process your order after your MacBook arrives, & you’ll get your payment fast.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Used MacBook 13-Inch?

When you first got your MacBook, you probably felt like a celebrity for owning such a glorious device. Let’s face it: With so many spectacular laptops now taking center stage in Apple’s lineup (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro), your old MacBook 13-inch has dropped down a few pegs. Now it’s lying dormant, while you’re pining after a new computer. Why not sell your MacBook to iGotOffer.com to offset the cost of a new device? Our company adores Apple products and appreciates their value. Best of all, we’ll accept your MacBook in any (and we mean ANY) condition, from pitiful to perfect. So you can thank your lucky stars that your search led you to iGotOffer.com!

Now that you’ve entered your laptop’s specifications, you’ll get a speedy quote, and it will assuredly be a higher price than what our competitors will offer you. If you accept our deal, we’ll email you a confirmation and prepaid shipping label for when you mail us your MacBook 13-inch, and you’ll tell us your preferred method of payment: PayPal, Chase QuickPay, Venmo, or check—your choice! Once we get your laptop in our hot, little hands, we’ll inspect it and give you a final offer. If you say yes, you’ll receive payment in 1-2 business days; if not, we’ll mail your MacBook back to you, no questions asked. Shipping to iGotOffer.com is always free, so it’s a totally risk-free proposition. What have you got to lose?

Is iGotOffer the Best Place to Sell Your Used MacBook 13-Inch?

Absolutely! Why? Because if you sell your MacBook to iGotOffer.com, both you and your device are protected at all times. And we’ve got the accolades to prove our accomplishments. We’re a registered company that’s has been buyin sell used electronics online for many years. We’re proud to have been awarded an A grade from the Better Business Bureau, a five-star customer rating, and 4.0/10 stars by ResellerRatings.com, a top U.S. consumer agency known for its unbiased reviews. On our website Testimonials page, you’ll find in-depth reviews from our customers, the great majority of them positive. But we’re not afraid to keep a few rare negative comments—we use them to constantly improve our customer service.

You can learn more about us by stopping by our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And if you’re searching for the latest tech news, information, and articles that will blow your mind, look no further - you’ll find them on our website in our Blog, Apple Encyclopedia, Microsoft Encyclopedia, and iReflections! For links to all the above pages, click here: What's iGotOffer?

To get your MacBook 13-inch to us in tip-top shape and command the best price, it’s important that you pack your computer properly.

We recommend that you clear any personal information from your hard drive before sending us your MacBook. But if you forget, we’ll do it for you, and we will NOT share your information with any third parties. We also run every MacBook through a nationwide system and report those that appear lost or stolen.

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